The Trivial Life Of Cassidy Moore

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Cassidy Moore is a girl with a normal enough life. She happens to like being a bit boring although her friends feel as if she never does anything fun. One day she is rescued from her dull schedule by her best friend, Katrina, who invites her to a party. While trying to escape the loud banging and alcohol-induced air of the party, Cassidy ends up running into Ezekiel, a mysteriously quiet boy who is indubitably beautiful. After that, Cassidy starts seeing a lot more of Ezekiel and with him, he brings all sorts of unwanted attention and ridiculous situations. Cassidy struggles through each day trying to revert her life into being dull but inevitably fails. She finds herself thinking, "What is it about Ezekiel that attracts all this mishap?" Is it his charm? Or is there more this pale-skinned boy than she had ever imagined? β€’ β€’ β€’

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Chapter 1

"Ugh!" A drawn out groan escaped her lips. I looked over at my best friend Katrina as she slumped in her chair. "Please Cassidy!" she begged in a whiney voice. "I said no, Kat"

Katrina and Henry have been sitting with me around a table in the library, insisting that I accompany them to a party they were invited to. Well, it was more like Kat throwing tantrum while Henry tried his best not to laugh.

"But why," she whined, dragging out the 'y'. I couldn't help but let out a small giggle.

I took in her disappointed face as her arms stretched as far as they could reach on the table. Her chin pressed against the hard-wood as she looked up at me with a pouting face. In the corner of my eye, I could see Henry trying his best to hold back his laughter.

I put down the book I held in my hand and gave her a firm look. I was not about to be persuaded by her cute looks.

"Kat, they invited you plus one other. Wouldn't it be weird if you were the only one who showed up with more than one person? Especially a person as dull and boring as I am?"

She immediately got flustered and within a split second, she jumped out of her seat and slammed her hands against the desk.

"Who says you're boring?" She shrieked. I did. I mean...did I stutter?

"Kat we're in a library, calm down" Henry pointed out

I looked at her flustered face, all red and wrinkled from a frown. She really was the cutest thing. Her light brown, curly hair was all messy from the long nap she had taken before. Katrina's curls complimented her soft face, unlike me who always straightens my hair. My curls just never seemed to bounce and coil up as hers do.

While my dear best friend was throwing a tantrum I noticed two boys make their way over to our table. I immediately slumped down into my seat and hid my face behind my book. I wasn't in the mood to engage in any sort of human interaction with strangers. Too much energy.

"Hey, Kas" one of the boys greeted. His tone and demeanour gave off a sort of douche vibe.

"Hey," her fragile face burnt an even brighter shade of red.

"Oi, her name is Kat, get it right next time, ya douche" I deadpanned.

Mission failed, I ended up saying something anyway. I didn't move my book from my face, hoping that they would just ignore me.

I couldn't recognize who's voice it was but it wasn't like it mattered anyway. I wouldn't need to remember anyone I'd never speak to again.

"And hello to you too Cassidy" I could hear the smirk in his voice. Hmm, I don't like that he knows my name. I finally looked past my book and up at the owner of the voice. Dark brown skin, curly brown hair, annoyingly charming smile. Braxton, of course, it was him.

His smile widened as he tilted his head a bit. Why's he acting like one of those those Minecraft dogs?

"To be honest I'm disappointed in you Braxton, I thought that maybe a stranger would have messed up her name. But to think its someone she actually knows well" My voice was coarse and hostile

'Geez Cassidy, the first words you say to me since we reunited and you're already trying to pick a fight?" his smile grew even wider as the last words left his mouth. I could see the wrinkles around his eyes and lips peek out as he smiled at me. He really does look like a puppy doesn't he? One with an overwhelming amount of chocolate fur to match his dark brown skin complexion.

Braxton Loughty and I were actually childhood friends. He would follow me around in kindergarten and elementary school. Now that I think about it, that's something a puppy would do, isn't it?

I wouldn't say we were close, but he was my closest friend at the time. We got separated in middle school and years later we met again in high school. I guess I was startled at how many people flocked around him, and I was never one for the crowd. They were all like flies gathered around the piece of crap that he is. I didn't get a chance to approach him for a while. Over the years he's become quite famous for taking advantage of girls and exposing them, which brought the odds of me ever speaking to him even further apart. Until now, at least.

"I'm not picking a fight Braxy," My elbows were pressed down onto the table. I placed my chin into the palm of my hands as I leaned in towards him, then I gave him my widest smile. "We both know I've always been like this," I wasn't lying, although I did want to slap that grin off of his face I really have always been hostile toward others. By now I'm sure everyone at the table could see the vein throbbing in my forehead. Maybe I'm getting a little too riled up.

"Didn't we come here to do something?" the boy behind him spoke. I saw when he came in but after that, it was as if his presence vanished.

"Oh, right!" Braxton quickly said. The boy behind him once again started to fade into the background. His skin was so pale he looked as if he could fade into the walls. I took a moment to take in all his features. Wavey dirty blond hair, piercing blue eyes and rosy lips. He was almost as tall as Braxton, who was about 6ft tall. His face looked soft despite his sharp jawline and he had the build of a swimmer. I had seen him before, I just couldn't place my finger on it. It makes sense I wouldn't remember though since I never pay attention to my surroundings. Still, even if I weren't paying attention there's no way I would forget his face. He was just too....beautiful

His soft blond lashed flickered downwards as he gazed intently into his phone. If only I could....

"I was just checking to see who your plus one would be" Braxton spoke, breaking me out of mg lingering thoughts.

"Oh, I'm bringing Henry" Kat gestured to the brown-haired boy sitting beside her.

Henry looked up at Braxton and gave him a slight nod, earning him one back. That was such a 'bro' thing to do, lol.

"Aw, I thought you'd bring Cassi" his tone was too flirtatious for my taste. I flinched at the sound of my name dancing off his lips. Why'd he call me by my nickname? Does he think we're friends? That ended a long time ago, pal.

A/N (Umm, Cassi you're kinda contradicting yourself by calling him pal, lmaaoooo)

"If you wanted me to come then you shouldn't have limited your guest's tag along to only one"

"Does that mean you want to come?" he teased. I glared at him. My expression definitely answered that question.

"Aw, come on Cassi, please, for me?" Kat looked up at me from her seat across from mine. She scrunched her body, making herself look smaller than she really was while shooting puppy eyes at me. I clenched my jaw as I stared back at her, trying to hold my own. Then she pushed out her bottom lip, it was obvious she wasn't planning on letting up any time soon.

"Fine! But only because you won't stop pestering me!" I finally caved in.

Braxton's smile perked up while the boy in the back still looked disinterested. Was what was on his phone really that interesting? Come to think of it, the way that he was squinting and furrowing his brows showed that he might be more frustrated than interested.

"Alright then! Bye Kat, make sure to wear something that I can see them thighs in," he teased, ending his highly unnecessary statement with a wink then walked off. Leaving Kat's face flushed- the disadvantage of being light skin.

I watched as Henry's face fell. I felt my heart ache a little from empathy. Oh Kat, you really do fall for the wrong men.

"I'm outta here" I declared as I got up out of my seat.

"Don't forget the party, Cass. If I have to go you have to too" Henry proclaimed. I chuckled a little as I gathered my books.

"I won't abandon you my dear Henry boy!" I ruffled his hair as I got out of my seat and headed toward the Library exit.

Now that I think about it, no matter how firm I am I always end up caving in to whatever Katrina wanted. Ah sigh, Katrina-1 Pushover/Doomed best friend-0

A/N Hiii! This is your author here! Just wanted to thank you all for reading! I really do hope you enjoyed it. Please comment and vote and be sure to look out for Cassi and Ezekiel having a proper convo in the few next chapter! Thanks again for reading, I really do appreciate you!!!πŸ’œΰΌΌ ぀ β—•β—‘β—• ༽぀




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