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Finding Lelani

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A young woman is saved from an abusive relationship, but continuously goes through trials and tribulations.

Drama / Romance
M the Iguana
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Slap, push, punch Are you going to listen when I tell you not to talk to other guys!? I nod my head wiping the blood away kick, punch slap kick did I tell you to wipe your blood away?!

I shake my head no, waiting for him to leave the room to clean myself up, he walks out slamming the bedroom door. I get up going to the tub filling it up, I get in the tub slowly hissing at the sting of the cuts, crying. I don’t know why I stay when I get beat almost everyday, he tells me he loves me and I believe it.

I try to motivate myself to talk to him about it but I get scared, Lelani! Come here and make me a sandwich!! I jump out of the tub throwing clothes on, walking down the steps quickly. Lelani!!!, I’m right here Andre I’m in the kitchen. I speak lowly making his sandwich.

I hear him get up and I become nervous. He places his hands on my waist I love you Lani he kisses my cheek and smoothes my hair back. I love you too Andre. Good now you know I get mad sometimes, Yes I do, I still love you even when I hit you Lelani I nod, handing him his food.

I apply a lot of makeup to my wounds since his friends are coming over, I’m told to do what they need and go back upstairs, I’m not allowed to talk with them, he thinks I’ll cheat on him. He’s beaten me before because of it, but it’s my fault I was looking at Derrick, I wait till he tells me to come down trying not to get nervous.

Lelani! Come greet the guests! I hurry down the steps, he pulls me to the side before opening the door. You know what happens if I catch you staring at any of them, say hi looking down he mumbles holding my arm tight. I nod, opening the door wassup Andre. Aye Brodie Zion and Derrick look at me but I ignore it getting them beverages, going upstairs.

Aye ima go to the bathroom before I beat you in 2k I hear Zion say. I walk quickly to the room but I trip opening a scar from Andre, he turns to me and helps me up Aye Lelani you’re bleeding lemme help.

I pull away shaking my head no, trying to walk to my room but he pulls me back wiping some of the makeup off he examines it closely, how did you get this lelani?

I fell down the stairs earlier he crosses his arms I want the truth lelani I twirl my hair and back up.

Zion how long it take to pee!? Andre yells up the steps, I hear him take the first step and I back away staring at Zion.

Zion walks into the bathroom spraying air freshener, I hear andre fully come up the stairs causing me to pick at my nails, hoping he doesn’t ask any questions of me. You blew up the bathroom Zion?!

Aye my fault had beefy bean burritos last night.

Andre chuckles then he opens the door lelani! I jump up looking at him, don’t be scared he mumbles walking over to me. I sit back did you talk to Zion? N-no Andre he grabs my jaw and kisses my lips, I force myself to kiss back, maybe you can come downstairs who would you first speak to if you come? I shrug, I don't think I should answer.

I said who would you talk to lelani! D-Derrick punch, slap wrong it’s nobody just sit and watch! Yes Andre he leaves the room. I cover my bruises sighing, I head downstairs sitting in the kitchen watching them play 2k.

I’ll be back Andre says grabbing his keys let’s go Derrick we should let Zion sleep Andre may be a lot of things but smart isn’t it, it’s obvious Zion is pretending to be sleep or maybe it’s obvious since I’ve done it to avoid Andre's questioning.

They leave and he sits up lelani let’s get out of here I look around what why?! I pick at my nails again as he walks to me don’t lie I saw him hit you it isn’t right lelani you should leave it’s what’s best for you he smiles and holds my hand, I flinch away.

Zion he will be back any second stop I can’t leave, he grabs my hand again well why not? I look in his eyes and shake my head if he finds me he’ll kill me and you! I pick at my nails hearing his car pull up I have to go, Lelani I’m going to save you! I run to the bedroom and lay down thinking about what Zion told me.

Zion where’s Lelani?! I hold my breath hoping he doesn’t say the wrong thing when you left she went upstairs, I assume I was sleep till five minutes ago he yawns to add more effect I guess. I pick at my wrists hearing him open the door slowly, Lelani baby girl are you awake? I sit up smiling at him yes I’m up do you need anything?


I hug her kissing her neck she moves looking scared I won’t hurt you I want to love you she nods slowly looking up into my eyes. I don’t know why I hit her. I want it to be like old times where she was happy all the time and I was normal before I went downhill.

She flinches as I kiss her bruises I’m so sorry Lelani I’m sorry baby girl she looks in my eyes nodding. I even made her scared to speak damn I fucked up baby talk to me please I rub her thighs and she looks nervous I-I don’t know what to say Andre she pulls her knees to her chest looking away, I hug her gently while she falls asleep.

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