This Is Every Reason Why

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I spot Jaq and the rest just laughing as they walk out of a Starbucks, chortling about something I probably don’t know about. Along with her is Jordan, Mae, Eric and Carson.

“Hey,” I call out to get their attention, “I got your books, you lazy asses.”

“Bro, don’t attack us” Carson says mid-chuckle and mid-donut bite.

“We still got you something.” Jordan holds out an iced coffee with a chocolate donut sitting on the top, the straw going through the hole in the centre. Not in my top ten list of favourite flavours, but, it’s still something.

They each take their books respectively, muttering their thanks as they grab it from my arms.

“Wow, well I’m tired as fuck. We’re done with our vlog. Eric, edit it by this weekend. Let’s go home.” Jaq declares, meaning everyone has to go home now, so we all head back to the car. Mae gets in the driver’s seat, with Jaq bumping Carson away to get shotgun, while Eric, Jordan and I take the backseats.

“Fuck you, Jaq.” Carson scoffs, flicking his light, fluffy hair back, as he hops in the back storage area of the car.

Mae starts up the car and hits gas, leading us to speed off, probably violating some sort of traffic law, like anyone even cares.

I bite the donut and look out the window.

We pull into our apartment’s underground carpark, and Jaq rushes to the elevator.


Oh, it’s on.

Mae and Carson tail behind Jaq and step in elevator with her. Me, Jordan and Eric try to catch up, but the doors close, the last thing we see within it being Jaq’s smug face.

We hit the stairs and go flying up to our level, skipping multiple steps at a time.

My foot hits the last step in synchronisation with the ding of the elevator, and it becomes an absolute war zone from there. Carson head on tackling Mae by picking her up, Jaq clawing her way past Jordan to reach our apartment door, and me and Eric engaged in a wrestle until we realise, hey, this is stupid, we can both just walk in, so we do.

We hear the clamouring of voices, before Jaq swoops in, followed by Mae, then Jordan, and finally Carson.

“Well fuck me.” He says on the way in, rubbing a scratch on his forehead.

“HAVE FUN O’LEARY!’ Jordan chants, falling onto the couch, as he picks up his gaming controller, which he’s probably going to be using for the next 12 hours.

“I can’t believe I live with all you idiots.” Eric shakes his head.

It’s only been a couple of months since I’ve started living with my friends. I turned eighteen, got into some shit, and these guys basically saved my ass by letting me live here. And for that I’m grateful, I guess. I have to be, right?

Jaq adjusts the strap of her tank top and flips her long dirty blonde hair back. “Thanks for the books, Grant. I sure didn’t want to have to walk into a boring shit bookstore.” She flicks me on the head, her way of saying ‘thank you’.

“Yeah, well, books aren’t the only thing I picked up there.” I grin, turning to face her.

“Yeah? Save it for later. I’m taking a shower.” She walks off to her room, which she shares with Mae. Me, Carson and Eric share a room. Jordan basically owns the couch.

Though I’m slightly annoyed that Jaq didn’t want to hear about Holland, I’m not surprised. It’s her loss, I suppose.

It’s already dark out, and I’m just chilling on the couch next to Jordan, whom is still fixated on his game. I take a sip of the coffee that’s been sitting on the small table in front of us for ages, but I put it back, because I don’t really like it. Surprisingly, I’m more of a tea guy.

Jaq comes around, hair wet and stands behind the couch. “What are you guys doing?

I look up at the screen in front of Jordan and I. His character walks up to some lady with brown hair and a pretty sick looking suit. “She’s hot.”

Jordan laughs. “Doctor Ellie Roberts? Ha. She’s alright. A bit of a bitch on the last mission though.”

“Hello?” Jaq says once more.

I ignore her for a bit more, just to see how she reacts to what she does to others everyday.

Jordan’s character then walks up to some hazel eyed guy with a black shirt and apron, a barista of some sort. “He’s hot.”

Jordan looks at me. “Really? Josh Bennington? He’s lowkey a player, bro. And he works the downstairs coffee shop in the lab building, and is mega popular, so if we dated we’d be seeing each other ALOT. Distraction to the main quest.”

“Oh my god, we get it, you’re bisexual.” Jaq retorts, shaking her hands around sarcastically on the word ‘bisexual’, “What was it you were trying to tell me earlier on today?”

“Oh yeah, that. I saw Holland Danvers at the bookstore today.”



“NO WAY. WHAT WAS HE WEARING?” She leaps onto the couch, causing Jordan to hit a wrong button and swear.

“Uh, white shirt. Denim jacket thing. Jeans?”

“Did he do the cute thing where he, like, looks around and stuff? And then he goes all hot?”


“DAMN IT,” she exclaims, “I should’ve gone to the bookstore. Ugh. Holland Danvers would’ve been so turned on by my top.” She winks, hopefully jokingly, and then punches me in the arm. “Next time Grant, call me if he’s there.”

“Will do.” I give her a pointless finger gun as she walks away ecstatically.

Jordan sighs.

“I know, she’s a bit lovestruck.”

“No,” Jordan replies, “When she jumped on the couch, I hit the wrong button, and now I’m somehow dating Dr Roberts.”

I laugh.

I usually don’t drop the bisexual bomb too early in when getting to know someone, but I do it soon enough so that if they turn out to be a douchebag and not accept me, I can push them away easily without being too affiliated with them. I’m glad that my friends were fine with it when I trusted them enough to come out. I know a few people who weren’t. My family.

“Shit,” Jordan leans back on the sofa, “Josh is asking me about Doctor Roberts.”

“What kind of game are you even playing?”

“IT’S AN ADVENTURE GAME. I have to build relationships to get further and earn EXP and crap. But Josh is highly suspicious. He keeps trying to ask subtly about Doctor Roberts and what we’re doing in the lab-I think Josh likes my character? I don’t have time for that though, because we have to catch a mole who’s been leaking all our info to Webtex.” Jordan puts his palm in his face irritably.

“Jordan, I think ‘Josh’ is trying to get information about the stuff you and the doctor are working on. I think he’s the mole.”

Jordan stops and widens his eyes. “What the fuck. That makes total sense. He works in the building, has access to contacts here, and he keeps asking these damn invasive questions, plus if he is the mole he’d be able to easily transfer information given his occupation as a barista-how did you know?”

I shrug. “I guess it would be far too unlikely that anyone would try hit on you.” Also I just show lack of trust in any person like this Josh character.

He punches me in the arm in the same spot Jaq did. “Well, I need to go tell Doctor Roberts now. You should really multiplayer this game with me sometime, we could crush this and finish the game before my favourite YouTuber does.”

“Nah, I’m good,” I sit up from the couch and yawn, “Well, it’s 12:30, ah, now 31. I hope you figure all that out, I’m heading to sleep.”

Jordan nods and waves me off as I walk into the bedroom.

On the right side of the room, Carson is fast asleep, arms and legs spread over the bed. Meanwhile on the left, Eric is writing up a freaking report for school, with his glasses on and laptop on his lap, textbook also wide spread his thigh.

I fall onto my bed, which is situated next to the foot of Eric’s bed. “You’re actually studying. Why do you even know us.”

Eric doesn’t look up from his Computer. “Mhm. Though this is an inefficient study method. The best way to truly process information is, well, screw it, I doubt you care. And for what it’s worth, I also need to work on the vlog we took today. It’s mostly just Jaq and Mae ranting. Have a good night, poor soul.”

I mumble incoherently as a response, before eventually crashing to sleep.

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