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The rest of the holidays are basically the same. Wake up, eat breakfast, head out for a while, vlog, return home, do whatever, then sleep.

Sure, it’s fun to hang out with these guys. I love it here, the holidays are nice. But I’m not into the whole documenting-our-life thing.

Jaq proposed the idea of a YouTube channel a while ago. We all agreed, because it wasn’t like we had a choice. It ended up hitting about 700 subscribers in a week, some of them not even being from our school. It’s how our friendship Group works. I guess we just, attract people’s attention. Jaq takes control of most things. She’s sly, loud, likes to talk about people of the male gender and likes to take control.

Jordan likes video games. Who doesn’t? But Jordan REALLY likes them. He’s thinking of starting up his own channel for gaming. He wears snapbacks and grey hoodies. And he likes McDonalds.

Mae’s the other girl in the group. She has smooth dark skin and curly short hair. She doesn’t say much to me directly. Perhaps a supporting statement following Jaq, or some joke or even a giggle. I’m not that close to her, though I do know she dances quite elegantly.

Carson is hot. I don’t like him in that way, but he’s attractive. He’s got ocean of blue washed away in his eyes, he’s humorous, has good style. Likes milk, and is being constantly bullied by Jaq, though I’m quite sure he likes her. I don’t know.

Then there’s Eric. He’s the intelligent guy of the group, ergo, the only one who actually cares about school and gets good grades. He uses extensive vocabulary, and lives for Shapes. And he’s currently awake, with his computer screen brightly illuminating his face.

“Dude,” I say, lifting my face from my pillow, “Go to sleep.”

“You know I want to, Dylan. However, I require to edit this video we filmed the other day. It’s due tomorrow lunch, as Jaq instructed. She wants it to be released at that time so everyone can watch it then.”

“Why do you always listen to her?” I blurt out. Haha. She's going to flame me if she can hear what I'm saying right now.

“Do I look like I've been presented with a choice?” He says moderately loudly, but softens his tone when Carson shifts and snores, “She’s the boss. That’s how it is. She’s very into this ‘social media popularity’ thing. I find it to be the liking of an imbecile.”

“Alright then. Still, shut it off. I need to sleep.”

“Negative. You were completely capable of falling asleep in this environment for the last few nights. What’s stopping you from doing so again?” He types another string of sentences on the computer.

“Look, man. We have school. You’re the only one who cares about school, so, you’d want to wake up early, right?” I try reason with him. I just want to get some sleep, because for some reason, I can’t.

“That’s all you think of me right? Academic, ‘smart guy’, right?”

“What? No.” Yes.

He ignores me. “Is it true that you met Holland Danvers at the bookshop?”

I hesitate before replying. “Uh, yes. How did you know?”

“Super sonic hearing. Jokes, I heard Jaq frantically screaming about it. Anyways, she’s also sent me to look for his Instagram. Which I found rather easily. Would you like to see?”

Before I can reply, my phone buzzes, on the bedside table with a message from Eric. I pick it up and see Holland’s Instagram. It’s just like any other high schooler’s Instagram. A profile picture of him, 1 solitary post of the sunset, and a bio mentioning his age, 16, and our school. Halebrook.

I rub my eyes . “Okay?”

“Was he like she made made him out to be?” Eric asks.

“Yeah, well, no. Not really. He seems quite....scared of things.”

Eric continues to type rapidly, as if he’s recording down the things that I’m saying.

"He doesn’t seem as confident and stuck up as I thought he would be.” I add.

“Intriguing,” Eric then shuts his computer, “Okay. I won’t torture you anymore. You may enter REM sleep. Don’t dream anything weird. Actually, it depends on how your brainwaves work. Goodnight.”

“Night.” I rest my head on the bed, but I hear Eric slowly open back up his computer, as I hear a stream of clicks

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