Force of attraction

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Delaney Sin Kingsley comes from a successful and rich family. She had everything you could wish for growing up but never took it for granted. Without the influence of her family, she started her own business right after she left college. She is the CEO of "Kingsley architecture&Design Check" at the age of only 24. She lives with the mind that she don't need a man to take care of her and she proves everyone exactly that and much more. Even though she doesn't want to depend on a man is she engaged to her college sweetheart Ethan Miller. Everything seems perfect but is it really? What will she do when betrayal comes from the people she never thought would hurt her? How will she overcome it? Will she overcome it? What will happen when someone tries to sabotage and burn her business to the ashes? And let's not forget the hot, notorious business man who enters her life like a flash. He is determined to get closer to her but will she let him? Follow her on her survival through criticism, murder and success.

Drama / Mystery
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As my 10 year old self walks through the front door from our mansion, my small feet begin carrying me automatic upstairs where my daddy's office is without greeting my momma and my little brothers.

I don't do it to be mean but I'm a daddy's girl. Mommy says it's been this way since I was baby and that it will probably never change.

As I stand in front of my daddy's huge office door I raise my little fist and knock softly before I hear a 'come in' and open the door, walking towards my daddy who sits behind his desk.

When he sees me standing in front of him, he smiles down on me, pick me up and sit me on his lap. He kisses my cheek and held me close so I don't fall off.

"How was school today munchkin?" He asks me.

"It was okay daddy. What are you working on today?" I ask, looking at the bunch of paperwork that's spread across his desk with curiosity.

He chuckles at this, "nothing big. Just looking over them because your daddy want to build some more casinos in other city's as well."

My eyes light up at this, "can I help daddy? Please?"

He frowns down on me, "Laney, don't you want to play with your friends or your brothers instead of sitting in this boring office the whole time?"

I shake my head at him, "no daddy. I want to work and want to be like you! It's my dream to have my own office and become known when I'm older. Can I start today?" hope sparkling in my eyes as I make puppy dog eyes at him.

"I would love to see you getting successful one day but are you sure you want to become like me one day Laney? It's hard for woman to be accepted in this world as a business woman. It's normally a man's work."

I frown at him, getting angry, "yes daddy I'm sure. It's not fair. Women are just as good and I will proof it one day to every man. I promise!"

With that I jump out of his lap and walk outside his door but not before hearing him say, "I know you will baby."

I smile at this and walk the hallway down to Dani's room where I know I will find him. I knock on his door and walk in before asking for a answer, knowing he will be okay with that. I see him laying on his back on top of his bed.

"Bubba!" I yell, running towards his bed and jumping up on his stomach while he chuckled at me. He looks up at me, wrapping his arms around me and tickle me.

"No bubba! Stop stop stop please" I screech out while laughing. He laughs at me but let's me go, laying me on top of him and kisses my head.

"Hey shortie. Just got out of dads office again hm?" He ask's even though he knew the answer already.

It's every day the same. I come home, go into daddy's office and then to bubba. I nod against his chest and play with his fingers. Bubba, Dani, is 4 years older than me. Pretty old if you ask me. I think I see some grey hairs but I won't dare to say that. Oops?

"Daddy says he believes in me that I will be just like him when I'm older Dani!" I tell him excited, not being able to hold it in.

I feel him chuckling against me, "and you will be baby. You are so determined for only a 10 years old and it's been your dream since you were five. You will be incredible Laney"

I look up at him, smile at him while he does the same and give him a sloppy kiss on his cheek, "thank you bubba." I whisper, feeling how my eyelids are getting heavier.

I feel him shifting under me before I feel a blanket being wrapped around us.

"Sleep a little princess. I will be here."

And as if on commando, I fell into a deep nap with my last thoughts being,

I will be like daddy. I promise.

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