Force of attraction

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As I'm sitting here in my office, looking out the window with the view over Las Vegas I cant help but think about the long way I have come to get this far. I have my own company. I build it from nothing. Without my parents or my brothers help. No. I wanted to do this alone. I needed to do this alone.

My father was right when he said it's normally a men's world. A world where women rarely got accepted, where they don't respect us and I felt this all myself and even at times like these, I never let myself bring me down. This would have just proofed that they were all right and I wanted to proof the opposite. Which I did, still, there are many men who don't accept me but I could careless because watching the world moving around me from up this high where I am, I just know it was worth all of this.

Even though I didn't want any financial help from my family, I got lots of emotional support and for that I'm thankful. My parents are traveling right now and my father wrote the casinos down to my older brother, Daniel and Daniel made me the Co-owner without me even wanting it but I still am. We also have two younger brothers, Adrian and Ashton, 16 year old twins who act like older brothers instead of younger ones.

Since our parents are away, they stay with me since about a year now. They are a pain but I still love them.

I hear my phone going off, telling me I got a message. I grab it and open the message from my fiancé, Ethan.

"Hey Delaney. Are you coming over later?" Was his question.

I sigh before answering, "hey sorry I can't. I need to help Daniel today. I will come tomorrow though."

Not even a minute later I just got a "okay" and I don't even bother answering because I need to make my way to our main casino in the city. As I walk down the corridor, I don't see any of my employees because it's pretty late already and I worked longer once again.

I walk towards the elevator and thankfully it was fast on my floor. The elevator ride was about 1 minute before I finally step out and instantly I am in the underground garage. I get into my all black BMW i8 and make my way towards the casino while listening to my throwback playlist. Don't judge me but I'm a sucker for older songs.

Not even half an hour later I'm pulling up at the casino. I get greeted my one of the doormen who takes my keys from me to park it for me. I thank him and make my way inside. As soon as I step inside the noises of the gambling and the smell of smoke and alcohol hits me. I don't exactly love it but I also don't hate it since I grew up with this business. I make my way towards the bar where my best friend, Rebecca, is supposed to work but I don't see her anywhere. Only another barkeeper. I think his name is will. I sit down on a barstool as he makes his way over to me.

He smiles politely at me, "miss Kingsley. It's good to see you again. What can I get you?"

I smile back, "a whiskey neat please. Also, do you know where Rebecca is? I thought she is supposed to work today?"

While he makes my drink ready he answers, "yes she was but she called in sick last minute. Here miss." He hands me my whiskey and I thank him.

That's odd. She didn't tell me. She probably forgot again or fell asleep again. I will just go over to her home after I'm done here to check on her.

After I finish my drink I make my way to my brothers meeting room where I'm supposed to meet him. On my way I see many heads turning to me but I ignore them. They all know I'm the co-owner so they should be used to me being here. Oh well.

I knock on the meeting room and walk in, seeing my brother organize rest of the papers. He looks over to me when he hears the door open and smiles widely at me which I return.

I walk towards him, my heels clicking on the floor with every step I take until I'm in front of him and hug him while he hugs me back.

"It's good to see you Laney" he smiles at me after we pull away.

"You too Dani. When are they arriving?" Right as I ask this, there was a knock on the door which catches our attention. Walking in are two men in their late twenties maybe.

They have some features alike so I would say they are brothers or at least related but my eyes stay on the man who walked in first. He's at least 6,4 tall, with dark blond/light brown hair which is styled but also a little messy, his eyes are a fascinating blue with specks of green in it. His body is muscular with broad shoulders. Not bodybuilder like but nonetheless strong visible. He's wearing a black suit with a black tie and black dress shirt. A silver dog tag around his neck. I'm snapped out of my staring by him extending his hand towards my brother.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you Mr. Kingsley. I'm North Relish and this is East Relish. My brother. I hope you don't mind but he's my Co-owner" his voice screams of authority and confidence but not ignorance.

My brother shakes his hand, "The pleasure is all mine and it's no problem at all. I have my Co-owner with me as well. Gentlemen, that's my sister and Co-owner Delaney Kingsley"

I shake their hands firmly, looking them directly in the eye, "it's a pleasure to meet you."

North smirks, "the pleasure is all mine Ms. Kingsley." he kisses the top of my hand and I need to fight myself to not roll my eyes at him even though his lips are feeling very soft.

Daniel clears his throat, "right, let's get started gentlemen, Delaney" with that we take our seats. Me next to Daniel and in front of East.

North starts speaking, "like I already discussed with you over the form shortly, we would like to make a deal with you. We are the owner of many hotels and wanted something new, something more refreshing in some of our hotels especially here in Las Vegas. What would be more perfect than a casino on the ground floor of our hotel. Of course you would be in charge of the decorating and the money would be separated fairly. While we provide you with a hall to have another casino, we would also provide your workers and you of course as well with excellent hotel rooms and service in the city's and states outside of Las Vegas while they work on the casino over there as well as a discount prize for you and your workers for all the hotel all over the world by the Relish series."

It's an incredible offer I must say but I'm actually interested in knowing in how many city's and states he would like to expand. I look over to Daniel to see him deep in thoughts before he looks over to me and nods towards me for asking what I want.

I turn back to the Relish brothers, voicing my question, "it definitely sounds interesting but in how many city's and states would you like to do the project?"

East smiles at me politely, "we have thought about Las Vegas of course. Then Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Miami and Chicago at first. After that we would think it over if we should do it somewhere else as well but first things first of course."

I hum impressed and in agreement. Their plans are incredible and will definitely do both sides very good. Both powerful family's blending together in a huge project. Daniel reads my face, a knowing look on his face when he sees I approve.

Daniel spoke up, "I think I speak for both my sister and myself when I say we are definitely interested, intrigued and impressed but I must tell you that sadly we didn't design the interior of our casinos on our own. My company has sadly nothing to do with it."

Both Relish brothers are looking shocked at these news but North quickly covers it up.

He speaks up, "but if it wasn't your company, do you remember who it was because I'm highly impressed with the work they did."

At his words Daniel and I smile smugly, proud to hear this about me.

I speak up, "that was actually my company and me. I'm actually the head of Kingsley architect, interior&C.o so the project of the interior would go through me and not my brother. For that, we all need to make a new appointment at my company soon to discuss your ideas of both parties since it's important for me that each of my clients are happy with the choices. If it fits for you, I would have a free appointment tomorrow at 2pm."

The look on their faces tell me that they had no idea that the company is mine. I love to see the faces of businessmen when they hear it is a woman who build it. They are mostly embarrassed that a woman is good at a job like this or simply angry but the Relish brothers are looking only shocked and impressed. That's refreshing.

Snapping out of their shock, north speaks up, "I must say I'm impressed. We heard about your company many many times but never knew it was you who is calling the shots. Tomorrow at 2pm is perfect. We will also bring the contracts for both of your company's but we must go now if we are done for today."

We all stand up and say our goodbyes. After that I say goodbye to Dani as well and make my way outside to get my car from the doorman. I give him a tip and drive away towards my best friend who still didn't text nor call me.

After a not even ten minutes drive i arrive at her two stories house and see all lights are off except her bedroom light.

After I got out of my car and locking it, I knock on her door and wait a few minutes but she doesn't answer. I sigh and take the spare key she gave me for emergencies out and unlocked the door. Everything is quiet when I walk in. The only noise I hear is coming from upstairs where her bedroom is so I make my way towards it.

The nearer I come, the louder the voices get and I could swear I hear moaning but I brush it away until I'm standing in front of her door. I'm about to knock when the voice of my best friends is heard.

"God yes. Faster please. Oh god"

I shudder about to walk away when I froze in my spot, hearing a voice I could recognize everywhere.

"Fuck. Yes baby. I'm close"

That's impossible. It can't be him. Not him. My best friend wouldn't do that to me. Never in a million years.

"Faster! Oh god. I love you Ethan"

My blood runs cold. This is a dream.

I walk back over to the door and open it fast just in time to hear him say the words to her I only wanted him to tell me.

"I love you too baby. I'm close"

I opened the door so fast and hard that it banged against the wall, making them looking over to me. Both freezing in their spot before Ethan very fast gets off of her and puts his boxer back on while Rebecca covers herself with the sheets. Ethan makes a move to move towards me but stops when I hold up my hand.

"Baby, it's not what it looks like I swear." is his excuse. I nearly laugh but also feel the tears building in my eyes.

"Oh Ethan, I Heard- everything hun. How much you love her. How good she feels. Fuck you're sick. Both of you. But you know what," I look over at Rebecca who looks paler then ever, "you can have him. He's not that good," I look back at Ethan who is red of anger and threw my engagement ring in his face, "hope you both will be happy. Delete my number. Both of you. Have a good day people." With these final words I walk out and downstairs to get out of this damned house and into my car but was stopped when I feel a hand grabbing my wrist.

I turn around seeing Ethan standing there, angrier then I have ever seen him while his grip tightens even more.

"You can't just leave me Delaney. I won't let you! You hear me?!" He spats in my face, towering over me. I attempt to push him away but he won't bug.

"Ethan let go. You are a sick bastard. We were getting married Ethan, MARRIED. But no. You hormonal wimp decides to cheat on me. With my fucking best friend. You are nothing but a sad excuse of a fucking man." I practically yell in his face.

If possible his grip on my wrist tightens even more, "don't you dare Delaney. Don't you fucking dare say that to me. DO YOU HEAR ME YOU BITCH"

I laugh humorless at him, "what don't you want me to say hm? How much of an asshole you are? How you are nothing less than a sad excuse of a fucking man. A disgusting, cheating little hormonal wim-" before I can answer I'm suddenly on the floor, holding face that started to ache. He punched me. He fucking punched me?!

I look at him through my already swollen eye, "fuck Delaney, I-I'm sorry no didn't mean-" I cut him off by slapping him in the face after I stood up.

I don't say anything as I got to my car and drove so fast away that I heard the tires screeching.

I'm still in some kind of shock. He never ever laid a hand on me before. And I never thought he would cheat on me?! I mean sure, our relationship wasn't perfect but which one is? And my best friend. The one I know since elementary school. The girl who I saw as my sister just like my brothers did, except for Ashton. He never liked her.

My view got blurry from the tears that are building up in my eyes but also from the swelling. I can't believe it. I was so much in thoughts that I didn't realize I arrived home.

I'm too tired to drive my car in the garage so I just let it in the driveway and make my way to the front door and walk in. Weird, everything is so dark and quiet. It's never like this since I live with loud, rowdy teenagers. I make my way towards the kitchen to find something to cool the swelling when the lights are suddenly flipped on. I turn around towards the living room and what I see shocks me.

"SURPRISE" I heard them yell and see them smiling widely. In front of me are standing my three brothers as well as my parents who are apparently back. I look at the writings balloons and see what's written on them. 'Happy 2 year anniversary'. Fuck, I completely forgot my company is 2 years old and that my parents are back. I look at their faces which are now formed in shock and frowns. They make their way towards me and Adrian hold my chin up to inspect my eye and nose while Ashton is getting something to cool it down.

They lead me to our couch.

"What happened to Laney. Who the fuck did this to you?" My fathers voice booms and that's when I broke down. I start to sob heavily out of pain and sadness from earlier comes back. Dad hugs me tightly and sway me back and forth.

Once I calmed down I tell them everything. From visiting Rebecca, thinking she is sick, to caught Ethan cheating on me with her, to calling the engagement off, to him storming after me, to him calling me a bitch and to him punching me. To say they are livid would be a understatement. They are livid. The twins are looking ready to storm over there and beat him to a pulp, Daniel and dad ready to commit a murder as well as my mom.

My mom suddenly jumps up, "I can't believe they would do this to you. What sick whore betrays her best friend like this? What kind of fucking asshole cheats on his fiancé and even BEATS HER? I will fucking kill them. I swear to god I will fucking kill them!!" I never heard her yell nor curse her that way.

I sigh and shook my head, "please mom no. Please, I just, I just want to forget and sleep. Please" she sighs but nodded. I said my good nights and go into my bedroom. I change into my pj and went unter my blanket but soon start sobbing again.

I didn't even heard the door opening until my bed dips on both of my sides and four arms wrapping me, bringing me in a tight hug, letting me cry myself to sleep.

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