Force of attraction

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I'm awoken by the sunlight shining in my face the next day. I look at my phone which is on my nightstand to my right and see it's already 11:30am and I need to get ready for the appointment.

I drag myself out of bed, no motivation to leave it any time soon but I know I must. I can't let them influence my work nor my life. Head held high, showing no sign of sadness.

As I step into my bathroom, I turn the shower on to let it heat up and turn towards the mirror. A gasp leaving my mouth as I take in my appearance. My left eye is swollen with a huge bruise covering it. I bring my finger to touch it slightly and wince at the feeling of pain shooting through my eye. I sigh and began to strip.

I step into the shower and wash myself with my favorite coconut shower gel in hope to wash the memories away, which by the way don't work. After that I wash my hair and apply my coconut conditioner. I turn the shower off and got out, drying myself. After that I take my coconut body lotion to make my skin smooth and smelling nicely.

When that's done I decide to put more make-up on today since I really need to cover up the bruise. After I'm done with the foundation, I try to cover the bruise up with some concealer and finish the rest of the look with some contour, bronzer, blush, highlighter, mascara, fill out my eyebrows and finish it with some nude lipgloss.

Happy with the look, even though the bruise and swelling is still quite prominent, I go into my closet and throw on a strapless white lace bra with matching panties, some high waisted nude dress pants and a tight white top. I combine the outfit with the silver bracelet my uncle got me to my birthday last year. I finish the look with putting with some simple comfy high heels.

After I grab my small bag with my car keys and phone and look at the time. It's 1pm already so I can't eat anything anymore. I sigh and make my way downstairs where I hear the voice of my older brother, Daniel, talking on the phone to someone. Once he sees me he says goodbye to whoever he talked to and hugs me tightly while I hug him back, sighing in content.

"Are you sure you're up for the meeting? We could always postpone it, you know that right?" He asks worried after we let go.

I shake my head, "I know dan but I won't let the recent events stopping me from my work. Also, this project is damn huge and I'm actually excited. You always wanted to work with them."

He chuckles, also remembering the same time where he was like a fan girl over them. We make our towards our cars and drive off to my company. After some time we arrive and park in the underground garage on our reserved parking spots.

We stroll through the garage towards the elevator and step in. After a minute we arrive at my floor, the 25th. We walk past my assistant, Sean, saying a greeting before stepping into the meeting room and organize the meeting with some plans from the hotels and some of my most recent designs which was never used till now.

Daniel and I talk for a few minutes, going over the designs when five minutes later a knock on the door is heard. I answer it with a come in and Sean opens the door.

"Both Mr.Relish' are here. Should I send them right in boss?" He asks politely while I answer with a quick 'yes, thank you Sean'.

A few seconds later both, North and East Relish are strolling in the room, as confident as ever. I walk slightly towards them, sticking my hand to them.

"It's good to see you again Mr. Relish" I say to both of them, shaking their hands.

"It's good to see you again as well Ms. Kingsley and please, call us North and East." North returns my greeting with this pantie dropping smile, showing his dimples.

"Very well, call us Delaney and Daniel. Please take a seat and we can begin right away." The three of them sat down and I immediately start, while standing in front of them, pointing to the PowerPoint showing on the big tv behind me.

"I hope you dint mind but I already worked on some designs a while back. Don't worry though, I never used any of them because they never seemed to fit the clients imagines."

I look over to them and see them watching me and with interest and are actually listening to everything I say so I continue.

"As you may know, most people in the casino and hotel business like the casino in the Designs of reddish colors. If it's a building of casino owner or if it's a casino in a hotel. Most of them are reddish since it's considered ordinary and comfortable for the costumer but we all know that the relish hotels nor the Kingsley casinos are anything close to ordinary. Both companies are known for the refreshing designs and atmosphere so I thought that this may fits quite well"

I point with my red laser pointer to the design, "as you see this is not your typical reddish casino. No. This is a theme that screams 'black tie' event. The design consists of mostly black walls with silver, grey and white accents which gives off a warm as well as comfy atmosphere yet, it still screams business and elegance which I know you are highly fond of. The gambling machines are are in a royal blue. To get some color into the room we would install some neon light on top of the ceiling in the same blue as well on the bar. The door which leads to, both, the toilets for both genders and to the hotel lobby would either be in a rich black or grey with some neon accents as well. All in all, it wouldn't be a typical casino."

I watch their expression closely and see the glinting eyes of both North and East at the ideas and Daniel looks proud of me as always but before anyone can say anything the door bursts open, forcing us to immediately turn towards it. My body goes stiff as I see who's standing there and it doesn't go unnoticed by the gentlemen in the room. A terrifying looking Sean runs in after that.

"I'm so so sorry Ms. Kingsley. I told him he can't just barge in but he pushed me aside and-" I don't let him finish because I know it isn't his fault.

"It's okay Sean. You are not in trouble. You can go back to work. Thank you." He nods and leaves after that again.

"What can I do for you Mr. Miller?" I ask emotionless. From the corner of my eyes I see Daniel turning furious at the sight of my ex-fiancé.

Ethan scoffs, "you know exactly what I do here. We need to talk Del." he uses the nickname he gave me when we met and I turn even more stiff.

"If you haven't noticed till now, I'm in a important meeting. You can make a appointment at the front desk if you want to talk to me about business related matters. If it's not about business, than you also can't come back at all. Now if you would excuse me." I dismiss him.

He turns even more angry now, "I won't leave until we talk Delaney. Now!" He spat the last word.

I see the three guys wanting to spring in but I held my hand up to stop them. "Fine. Five minutes," I tell him then turn to the gentlemen in the room who are looking furious, "my apologies gentlemen, I will be right back."

I walk outside and am met with a fuming Ethan. He grabs hold of my neck and screams in my face, "how DARE you breaking up with me Delaney! Stop this childish games and let's go home now!"

I attempt to push him away again but fail, "I will never get back to a cheating wimp like you. Why don't you get it? You didn't only cheat but you punched me, Ethan, punched me!" I whisper yell at him and suddenly I am slapped in my face.

Ethan sighs, "see what you make me do baby. You make me so fucking angry. It's your own fault babe." He strokes my cheek where he just slapped me. I shiver in disgust at his touch.

Before I can reply with something, the meeting room door is being thrown open and three fuming men are stepping in my view.

"If you don't let go of my sister right now I swear to god I will make you regret ever being born!" Daniel's voice booms in the hall but Ethan doesn't bug and only scoffs.

In an instant he is ripped away from me, I slid down the wall and look up to see that East is the one who ripped him off of me. I feel a body crouching on my height and see that North is looking in my eyes in worry and yet I see anger swirling in his eyes as well.

"Are you okay Delaney? Did he do something?" He asks gently.

I shake my head, "nothing I can't handle," I stand up with his help and face Ethan. "If I can remember right, I told you last night to never contact me again, yet here you are. I want you out of here and never come back."

A second later I see two security guards approaching us and I told them to escort him out and to never let him walk in the company again and to give the message the rest of the guards as well. They nod and escort him pretty roughly out. I close my eyes and take a deep breath before opening them again, looking at the gentlemen.

I sigh, "right, let's finish the meeting shall we?" I don't wait for their answer as I walk back into the meeting room again with them following behind me. We all take a seat.

North speaks up, "so, before we got interrupted we just wanted to say that the design is incredible and the concept is marvelous. It's exactly what we had in mind and better. The design suits perfectly in each of our hotels and the accents are definitely standing out but not too much to take the focus back. The theme of the 'black tie' is more than perfect since we often have business people in our hotels as well as events and this suits way better than having the whole room in bright colors. Now, when all our parties are agreeing to the conditions, we have a deal."

I smile at both, him and his brother, "very well, then let's get over the contract." And with that we read the contract the Relish brothers did, as well as Daniel's and lastly mine since mine is more separate than theirs. After 2 hours of going over each contract and reading the conditions, we finally came to a agreement and signed each contract.

We say our goodbyes and came to a agreement to meet the Relish brothers the day after tomorrow at their hotel here in Vegas so we can get a sense of the room and atmosphere even better so I can start planning and ordering the equipments we need. We also will have a banquet to celebrate the cooperation between our companies. It will be a long way but I can't lie and say I'm not excited.

It will be a huge project and I'm very much excited yet nervous at the same time.

Let's just hope everything goes right.

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