Force of attraction

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The next morning, I woke up at 8am and seeing as I took this day off, I thought I could do my evening workout once in the morning as I can't seem to get some sleep again. I go against the thought of showering just now seeing as I will get sweaty after the jogging.

I go to my walk in closet and pick out some high waisted dark leggings, the matching sports bra and a black Nike cap with some Nike runners.

After I got dressed, I pulled my hair in a high ponytail with them through the cap.

I grabbed my phone and AirPods and got downstairs to be greeted my my mother.

I walk over to her, kissing her cheek, "good morning mom. I'm going on a run so I will be back in an hour or two."

"Alright baby, oh but be ready at 6pm we're going to have dinner with old friends of us. Your brothers will be there as well." She says, eyes lighten up at the mention of her old friends I have yet to meet.

"I will mom. See you later, love you." Shouting over my shoulder as I'm already out of the door and hear her shouting a 'love you too' back before I close the door.

I put my AirPods in my ears and connect them to my phone, playing my work out playlist before putting it in my sport bra, perks of being a woman I guess, and stat jogging.

I'm jogging down the road which leads to my favorite wooden walkway which is connected to a beautiful lake and is normally not busy at this time seeing as most people are at school or work already.

As I'm jogging on the sidewalk of the road, I take in my surroundings as it blurs slightly past me. Running was always one way to put my mind either at ease or helping me clearing my mind, which is why I always have workout and change clothes in my office as I never know if I need to have a run and I really don't want to let my mood out on my employees.

At times like this is the best feeling to run as I think about everything that got downwards the past days. I guess I'm not even as much upset at the whole situation but more about the betrayal of two people I trusted with my heart. Ethan and I were about to get married and that sure does hit hard but what hurts me most is it was my girl best friend of many years who betrayed me like that. My family and I treated her like one of our own, somehow, at least. My family never were that happy that I was friends with her but they nevertheless welcomed her because they knew she meant much to me.

Getting lost in thoughts I didn't see the signpost in front of me and run right against it and stumble backwards, falling on my butt. I groan as I feel the sting on my butt and hands with which I tried to stop myself falling on my butt with the whole impact but landed right on my wrist. I look down on my right wrist and see it's bended slightly wrong and has already lightly bruised as well as swollen. I curse under my breath before noticing a shadow towering over me.

I look up and see a dirty blonde guy standing above me with his hand reached out for me to take. I smile kindly at the offer and grabbed it with my good hand and he helps me standing up. I take my AirPods out so I could thank him without yelling at him by accident. However, before I could thank him he speaks up.

"Are you alright ma'am? Your wrist doesn't look so good." The male asks with concern swirling in his eyes as he focus on my wrist before meeting my eyes.

I just wave it off and offer him a smile, "it's nothing really. I guess I should look where I'm running instead of running in a signpost next time. Thank you by the way for helping me."

He returns the smile but the concern still lingers, "ah it's all good. I'm glad I could at least help you standing up but you should really let it get checked out."

"No really I'm okay. Thanks though."

He shakes his head stubborn, "no, I insist. My car is right over there. I will drive you to the hospital"

I chuckle lightly, "getting in a car with a stranger? Sounds like a crime documentary where the victim was naive enough and got herself killed Mr."

He roars a laugh before answering, "well I do can promise you that I won't murder you. Unless, you eat my doughnuts, then I might actually do it."

I fake gasp dramatically, "I would never, ever, eat the doughnuts from anyone. That's just plain cruel."

He chuckles, "so? Come on. My mom would probably kill me if she found out I didn't help a woman who's injured."

I sigh, "hm, can't let you get killed because I was to stubborn for accepting your help."

We make our way towards his black Range Rover and drive off.

He speaks up, "by the way, I think I should tell you my name, seeing as you are in my car and not even knowing my name. I'm South, it's nice to, I guess, officially meet you?"

I was about to answer and introduce myself as well when I register his name and fully blow up laughing. I see him glancing at me as if I have gone crazy suddenly.

After catching my breath a little I speak up, "you-your name is....South?" still chuckling at the end.

He slowly nods and furrows his eyebrows, "you don't believe me, do you?" he asks monotone, as if it isn't the first time.

Still chuckling I answer, "oh no, I believe you. I swear. It's just, a few days ago I met your brothers North and East. So tell me. Where is West?" after ending this I blow up laughing again at how ridiculous it actually sounds.

He laughs as well but nonetheless answers, "so you met North and East? How?"

Before I can answer we already arrive at the hospital and I tell him I will answer once we are inside so we have this whole hospital shit over.

We walk up to the emergency reception.

"Good Morning , I injured myself while falling and would like to get my wrist checked if someone has time."

The nurse smiles politely and answers, "of course. It's pretty slow at the moment so a doctor should be here soon. Could you please tell me your name as well as your age and which wrist is injured and I will write you right in."

"Of course. My name is Delaney Sin Kingsley, I'm 24 and my right wrist is injured." as I said that, I see recognizing flashing South's eyes.

The nurse smiles at me, "alright Ms. Kingsley, please follow me and we will make an x-ray right away and 10 minutes later, the doctor will see you."

I thank her and follow her.

After I'm done with the X-ray, South and I were led to the doctors office and are currently waiting for the doctor.

I take the time to explain him everything about how my brother, Daniel, and I made a deal with North and East.

He nods his head, "ah yes, they told me about it but never said any names. Just that your ideas were incredible."

I didn't get a chance to answer as the doctor walks in. He tells me it's broken but not so bad that I would need surgery. I just need to wear a cast for at least 6 weeks. The colors were rather blue, pink, green or black and I picked black.

After a long time waiting for the cast drying, with South waiting with me for which I'm really thankful, we are sitting in the car while he insisted of taking me home.

We talk a lot and it truly feels like we know each other for way longer than just a few hours. We exchange numbers as we arrive at the gate of my house before saying goodbye before I walk inside the house. Immediately being questioned about where I was and what to my wrist happened.

I sigh, "I'm fine. I wasn't looking where I was running and ran straight into a signpost, falling backwards on my wrist. It's broken but it's not major."

My dad sighs and is running a hand over his face, "be careful and call us next time. We were worried sick Laney."

I hug him and mumble a 'sorry' before going upstairs to my room. I look at my phone and see it's already 4pm so I rush into the shower. I strip and start washing myself as well as my hair. After 30 minutes in the shower, I got out and started drying my hair. After that done I do my make-up lightly but enough to cover the bruise still resting on my face.

After I'm done with this, I make my way into my walk-in closet and pick out my outfit. It consists of an long arm yellow rope up blouse with a very deep cut to my stomach, high waisted black wide dress pants, a black simple belt, black stilettos. I match this outfit together with an golden necklace, a watch and some earrings.

After I'm done with that I walk downstairs, seeing as it's time to go. I'm greeted by the sight of my family. My mother wearing a beautiful white knee length dress. My brothers and father are wearing some dress shirts and pants. It's a rare sight to see my younger brothers dressing up like that.

Daniel looks at me and smiles, "you look beautiful sis." The others nodding in a agreement while I gave the compliment back at them.

We all pile up to two cars. I go with the boys while our parents are driving alone. Seeing as I can't really drive with an broken wrist, Daniel is driving his BMW today.

The car ride consists of blaring music while we all sing along together. It's clear as day we all have a beautiful brother's sister bond for which I'm really glad for.

After nearly an 45 minutes drive, we arrive at an huge glass wood house. I'm completely smitten by the beautiful view of it. It has always been my dream to live more outside in an house like this. No neighbors that disturbs you. With or without an husband. One day, I will move out to the woods.

We all step outside. I brush my outfit lightly before we make our way to the front door. My father rings the doorbell and only seconds after a man answers the door. His hair is showing some grey ones. He has light eyes and looks pretty fit for his age. His eyes lights up and a smile shows up on his face as he sees my parents.

He hugs my parents, "Rick, Andrea, it's so good to see you both again. God, it's been so long. You are getting old Rick."

My parents chuckle, "Aaron, do I see grey hairs already?"

Aaron just chuckles and shakes his head before turning his eyes to my brothers and I, "wow. The last time I saw your kids, the twins were barely three. God, you guys got old."

We just laugh and he invites us in. He leads us in the lounge where a woman and five males are seated with their backs towards us. The woman stands up and turns to us when she hears our footsteps.

She launches herself on my mother, "Andrea, god it's so good to see you again. You still look as beautiful as ever."

My mom laughs and they pull away, "Ruby, it's been way too long. I hope you still remember my children. Guys this is Ruby, your godmother, Ruby, this here is Daniel, the twins Adrian and Ashton and of course our only daughter-" she was cut off by a new familiar voice.

"Delaney?" I look over Andrea's shoulder where the voice came from, my eyes widen.

"South?" The same shock in my voice prominent. We both just laugh at this.

He shakes his head as he walks to me and hugs me, "didn't thought I would see you this soon again. What, you stalking me now Del?"

I laugh and slap him behind his head after pulling away, "you with Southy. If I knew you would be here, I would have probably stayed at home."

He's holding a hand over his heart in mock hurt, "how could you? After everything I did for you?"

Everyone is quiet, just watching us confused before we both blow up laughing before he pulls me close with an arm slings over my shoulder.

Aaron clears his throat, "so I guess you already met? So as you heard, this is one of our sons South. The rest can introduce themself."

With that, their sons are stepping towards my family, South and I.

North and east are beginning to introduce themself, "it's good to see you again Delaney, Daniel. For the rest it's a pleasure to finally meet you. I'm North and this is East."

They shake hands with everyone but giving me a slight hug each.

Another one, slightly younger looking, male steps up, smiling at each of us.

"It's nice to meet you all. I'm West, the youngest brother." He also greets everyone with handshakes but hugs my mother and I slightly.

And lastly steps up the oldest looking guy, "welcome, I'm Toly and no, I don't have a normal name. It actually means the direction to East or sunrise." He grumbles at the end, sending a side look at his parents before greeting us the same way as his brothers.

Andrea claps her hands, gaining our attention, "so, shall we eat? And South and Delaney can tell us how they know each other!"

My eyes go wide as I really don't want to tell that weird encounter while South laughs at my expression, pushing me gently to the dinner table.

Well, that should be interesting, right?

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