Force of attraction

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I'm awoken the next morning by the of clicking noises. I groan, feeling the headache forming already. It's been a long time since I was last hangover and I definitely didn't miss that. I try to sit up but I'm instantly pulled back down by an arm. My head is on an hard surface and it doesn't take a genius to guess that it definitely isn't a pillow.

I slowly open my eyes when I hear chuckling somewhere in this room. Once I have adjust to the light I see Toly, South, Adrian and Ashton standing a few feet away from me with their phones out and making pictures. I furrow my eyebrows and look down to see what I'm laying on. And- Oh shit.

My head is laying on North's shoulder while his arms are around my waist and his face in my neck. Daniel is laying on my right side while West is cuddling with East legs and East with my legs. My eyes go wide and I try to shake them off but with no luck what so ever.

I groan once again and face the guys who are still making pictures, mouthing them 'help me' but they just shake their heads, trying to contain their laughter.

I reach down and slap West on his head to which he slaps East leg. East kicks West in his face and he falls off the couch, taking East with him while East tugs me accidentally with him and soon are West, East, North and myself all laying on the ground, groaning and awake.

Toly, South, Adrian and Ashton are laughing out loud now while Daniel slowly wakes up as well, still disoriented. After he finally gets clearer he realizes I'm on the floor, being crushed by three grown up men.

"Why the fuck are you three cuddling my sister guys?" His voice is still hoarse.

East cuddles my leg tighter before answering, "she's comfy man. Let us be."

I kick him in his stomach to which he groans, "oh shut it East. What time is it?"

Toly looks at his watch before answering, "11am why?"

My eyes go wide and I jump up, shaking the guys aggressively away from me before my head aches worse now.

"I'm late to work. I have an client in 1 hour and no clothes here." I start to panic.

South grabs hold of my shoulders, "calm down. You can take one of our shirts."

I look at him thankful and he walks with me upstairs to one of the bedrooms.

A few minutes later he comes out again with clothes in his hands.

"They are North's. We all don't live here anymore and he's the only one who still has some clothes here."

I hug him quickly, "thank you South." And make my way to the bathroom.

I wash myself quick, no time for showering sadly. The clothes are consisting a white shirt, jeans, some boxers and a camouflage jacket. I try all on but the jeans are way to big more me and I have no belt here so I just throw on the boxers, shirt and jacket since both are reaching to my mid thigh and are wide on my body.

I throw my hair in a messy bun because I have no time to do anything with it what so ever.

I walk downstairs to the kitchen and see my brothers as well as the Relish brothers already here. Everyone is already dressed and ready. I go to say bye to them and steal Toly's sunglasses to hide my eye bags and make my way to the front door.

Before closing it I shout back to them, "by the way, North, don't except to see your clothes ever again. They look freaking hot on me." And close the door behind me but not before hearing laughter going off.

But once I'm outside I remember I can't drive with my wrist and have no car here so I go back to the front door, knocking. I'm pouting when North answers it, looking highly amused.

"I have no car here and can't drive." I mutter to him and he chuckles.

"Come on. I will drive you and then we will drive to the hotel as we have an appointment either way."

I thank him and he grabs his keys before going over to his black BMW i8.

We get in and drive off in an comfortable silence. Taking the chance being so close to him, I turn to him and take his look in. He is dressed in a black dress-shirt with matching black dress-pants. He combined it with an leatherjacket which. His hair is slicked back slightly but he didn't overdo it with hair gel which results with a few strands falling over his forehead. His sharp jawline stands out and when i see his full soft looking lips are pulled in a smirk, I know I am caught staring.

He suddenly chuckles, "you know if I would be cliché, I would ask if you like what you are seeing. But as I don't want to be a cliché, you make me feel insecure staring at me like that."

I roll my eyes playfully at him and turn away, "you wish pretty boy."

"Oh, do you do think I'm pretty huh?" Playfulness in his voice.

I scoff but don't answer to what he just chuckles.

The rest of the car ride consists of silence but I don't really mind. When we arrive at my company I immediately be greeted by the sight of police officers walking in and out of the company as well as barrier tape.

I don't waste any time and jump out of the car, hearing North following me, and go over to the barrier tape but a officer holds me back.

"Excuse me ma'am but you can't get through this. It's a crime scene."

"Officer, I'm Delaney Kingsley and the owner of the company and I wasn't informed that anything happened?!" I try to keep calm but hearing that my company is a crime scene sets me nearly on edge.

The officer sighs before pulling the tape up and letting me through. As North try's to follow the officer was about to tell him he can't get through but stops when I say he can come as well.

The officer leads us inside the building while informing me what's happening.

"As I already stated Ms. Kingsley, your company is in the moment the location of a crime scene. An hour ago we got a call from your security team, saying that your night shift security was found by them knocked out and the doors being opened by force. We need you to inform us if anything was stolen and if you have any suspects who has anything against you."

I freeze at the spot after hearing that. Don't get me wrong I'm furious that someone broke in but what concerns me more is that someone managed to knock my security team out. I'm most concerned about their wellbeing as I'm pretty close with many of my employees. I feel North taking my hand, squeezing it in a way to say that he's here.

I take a deep breath, "are they okay? I mean, my security guards?"

He looks at me with sorrow, "ma'am, they were hit very hard at the back of their heads and one of them has a gunshot wound as well as a finger cut up. It's nowhere here to be found but we haven't had time to search the highest floor yet. The doctors are doing everything they can to help them. We can only pray for them."

It's like my lungs are closing any air from coming through. I feel tears filling my eyes but force them to not spill out. My body is trembling but I need to be strong to give them every information they need.

"I-I will go and look in my office and see if something is missing." Not waiting for a response, I make my way to the elevator and click the floor number. This time, North isn't with me but I have no doubt that he will come with the other elevator as we have 3 in this building.

I hear the door bing and step out of the elevator, walking slower than normal. As I look around, I see nearly everything is destroyed. As I open the door I stop in my tracks, seeing everything is destroyed as well. My desk is upside down and the shelves are thrown on the floor. I take slow steps inside, still half in shock.

When I reach the middle of the room I see something written at the windows in red. 'Look closely Delaney and you find what you are looking for'. I look around. On the floor, in the desk and shelves but find nothing unusual, other than that it's destroyed of course. But when I turn around, a scream so loud I never knew I could do comes out of my mouth.

In front of me, on the wall where the door leads to the hallway which I walked through, is blood smeared and the lost finger of my guard hanging. Written above it stands another message that has my blood ran cold. 'You are next'.

I hear rapid footsteps approaching but don't look at who it is. It's like I'm in a trance. I slowly slid down my knees, sobbing but my eyes never leave the wall.

I hear someone cuss around me and soon after the person scoops me in it's arms, speaking soothing things in my ear. I don't know how much time has gone by but at some point I look up and see North holding me in his arms, looking at me with worry.

"Come on. I'm driving you to my house. You don't need to see that." not waiting for my answer, he carries me out of the room, in the elevator and then to his car.

Once he set me inside he tells me that he will speak to the officer and tell him everything we saw in my office. Not being able to answer, I just nod.

A few minutes later he comes back and we immediately drive off. I don't really pay attention where we are driving nor how long. We stop at some point and he turns of the engine and steps out before coming to my side and lifting me up again.

I guess we are at his house already but I don't really care for that right now. He sets me down on the couch of his living room and walks away. He comes back with a steaming cup and hands it to me. I thank him and take a sip to realize he made me a hot chocolate.

He sits himself beside me and pulls me in his embrace, "I called Daniel. Him and your parents are coming over and should be here soon."

I snuggle in his chest and murmur, "thank you North, really."

"Always Del, always." He strokes my hair.

"North? Are you already home?" Comes an masculine voice from upstairs and soon enough are coming the Relish brothers downstairs.

"Delaney? What are you- wait what's wrong?" Asks one of them but I don't answer.

Understanding my silence, North speaks up, "I thought you guys were working already."

Toly speaks up, "I don't have any clients right today and wanted to work out a trading plan for Del."

"South and I took time out for a few days and wanted to come with you and East to the hotel later actually." Comes West voice.

"Wait, you all live together?" They all nod to my question which sound pretty rough due to my hoarse voice.

"Del, what happened?" I just shake my head and start sobbing again to West's question. Before anyone can replay, the doorbell rings and East answers it.

"Where is Delaney?" Is all hear my dad shouting before they come running in the living room and engulf me in a bone crushing hug where I completely break down.

They hold me while I cry, no words spoken. I don't know how much North told my family yet so I don't know if I need to explain anything again.

We pull away at some point and everyone is taking a seat on the couch. I'm between my dad and North while my mother is on the other side of dad and Daniel kneeling in front of me.

My dad takes my hand, "Baby, what happened? North called Daniel and only said we need to come fast."

I take a shaking breath and release it again, "North drove me to the company and everywhere was police. They said that someone broke in and knocked out my night shift guards. One of them has a-a gunshot wound and got a f-finger cut off. They asked me to look around to see if anything was taken and when I walked into my office everything was destroyed. On the window was written that I should look around closely to find what I'm looking for. When I looked around I didn't find anything but when I turned around," I stop talking take a shaky breath again, "on the opposite wall was blood smeared and the missing finger hanging on it with a threat written in blood on the wall. It said that I'm next."

A gasp was heard which without a doubt comes from my mom. My dad tightens his hold of my hand and Daniel stands up and I could swear that steam is coming out of his ears.

No one says a word before my dad speaks up, "you will work from home for now or take a break Delaney. At least until the police finds who is responsible for it and you will have personal guards around you wherever you go."

I look up at him, "dad no. I will work from home and give my employees some time off as well but no guards."

Before he can reply, Daniel speaks up for the first time, "you will! Someone is after you Delaney, don't you get it? Please stop being stubborn. We can't take any risks but when they know exactly which office is yours, they may also know where you live..." he trails off.

Again, no one says anything. You could hear a pin dropping by the silence.

Until North says the unexpected.

"Move in with me."

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