Force of attraction

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Shocked expressions are seen all over the room.

My family looks shocked while his brothers are smirking.

North shrugs, "what? It's logical. Toly agreed to teach her self defense and it would make it even easier if you stay here. Also, the person would never think that you would stay here and you are safe."

I sigh, "but I can't accept that. You guys are doing so much for me already. And the twins are also living in my house. Where will they go? I won't let them stay there with a psycho out there who's after me!"

East jumps in, "they probably also know where Daniel lives and your parents are also in town. We can arrange a suit at our hotel for you. We have high security there and no one comes to the higher floors without access."

How am I deserving such guys in my life. I don't get it.

We all just met, even though our parents are close, and they want to do so much for my family and me.

South puts in this time, "I can hear the wheels running in your thick head Delaney. We don't take a no as an answer. What happened today was cruel and they are after you! Going back home or to any of your family members wouldn't get you safe as well."

Toly nods, "exactly. Also, we can start the sessions right away if you want. The sooner the better."

And of course west, "and not to forget we have an excellent security system. We can keep you safe and help you defend yourself if you are ever in danger."

North smirks his gorgeous, annoying smirk, "see. All the reasons for you to stay here. We have a guest room upstairs where you can stay. It's not a problem at all."

I sigh and look over to my parents for silent help. As they nod, I know it's the right choice to do.

So I nod and sigh, "okay. Thank you guys, really. You have no idea how much that means to us. But I still need to get my clothes and documents that I have home."

Dad takes my hand, "none of that. Your mother and I get the boys from school soon either way and can get your things on the way and bring them back here. You go and rest sweetheart. It's been a horrible day for you."

I nod we bit our goodbyes.

North leads me upstairs afterwards and to the guest room.

"It's pretty plain since most guests stay in the hotel but you can change it however you want since we don't know how long it will take until they catch the person. You go and rest and come downstairs if you want to start with your self defense."

With a very unexpected kiss on my forehead, he leaves and closes the door behind him.

As soon as I hit the mattress, I'm out cold.

A few days passed since the horrible day and not that much has happened.

I visited the hospital to see the security guards and thankfully they survived. I also spoke to their family's and told them they have nothing to worry about for the hospital bill.

I fell into a routine while staying here.

Everyday I would go and make breakfast for the guys as a small thank you and we would eat together.

Toly and I also train everyday at least 2 hours together and honestly, I was exhausted at first but I feel way more confident by now. He's also a great trainer and is very patient with me, for which I'm extremely thankful.

I bonded with each of the brothers over the last days and must say, despite their ruthless reputation, they are incredible guys.

South turns out to have much in common with me and can make any person laugh even when they are at their worst.

Toly is very protective and strict but has always an open ear for others and fight hard for woman rights, just like every brother.

East and west, well, they are like fire and ice. Very different yet nearly identical in their personality's. They mean business but are not afraid to show their childish selfs. They fight over the smallest things, no joke.

And then there is North. He is a combination of all of them but we clicked on a whole other level. We both are very work focused but put the people we love first. He helped me a lot since we met and while I feel towards his brothers more of a brotherly, best friend relation, I have this weird feeling in my stomach when I'm around him.

Not the bad kind of feeling, more like the safe and warm feeling. I can't describe it but I love to be around him.

Right now, I'm in my temporary room and get ready.

Tonight we have the announcement party for the relish hotels, Kingsley Casinos and my company.

They doubled the security for tonight and made sure that no one comes in without a written invitation.

My make-up and hair is already done but I have two completely different dresses in my mind and I can't decide so I do the most logical choice.

I run out our the room like a mad woman, in only a bathrobe, and down to the living room where I hear the guys.

As I arrive I see them all already finished in their tuxedos and damn, they look fine.

I only now realize that they are ogling me with wide eyes so I clear my throat, snapping them out of it.

I glare daggers at south and point at him, "you! With me, NOW!"

And drag him by his wrist up the stairs, leaving the rest of the guys utterly confused as to what just happened.

Slamming the door behind us shut, I turn around to see South looking at me in mock pain.

He suddenly sighs and shakes his head, "Delaney, baby, I know I look incredible, handsome enough to eat right now but I must disappoint you. I play for the other team-"

I cut him off, "no you idiot, I don't want to fuck you, geez"

Now he just looks utterly offended, "what? But, are you saying I'm not handsome??" The yells.

I flick his forehead and roll my eyes, "just, listen. I need help. Which dress should I wear?"

I hold up both dresses up.

One is a black one without sleeves and floor long while the other one is a light rosè which is skin tight with showing cleavage and reaches my shin.

He nods, "definitely the rose one. Bet so many will be wearing black tonight and with your looks, man, you shouldn't look like the others."

I sigh in relieve, "thank you South. Bye now." and push him out of the door, closing it behind him.

Quickly changing into my dress, I put some silver colored heels on and am immediately happy with the look.

Grabbing my clutch, I make my way downstairs and meet with the guys, this time dressed.

Upon seeing me, I receive many compliments from them, which I gladly return before we walk towards the black, shiny limousine.

After a short drive where we drank some champagne, we arrive and I feel nauseous already.

Grabbing my hand and intertwining our fingers, North gives me a perfect smile in an attempt to calm me.

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