Too Kind Hearted

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This is Honesty and her best friends senior year and they definitely don't know how to act but, Honesty has been talking to Da'Marco for quite some time will he make it official? Will he stop talking to her out of the blue. I will also be posting 2 chapters every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, &' Sometimes Friday . Also please give me ideas on chapters such as what should happen and who is should happen to .

Drama / Romance
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chapter 1 - introduction .

“HONESTY !” My mother yelled from downstairs, “Yes, momma?” I called out, “Monroe &′ Mercedes are here”. Monroe &′ Mercedes have been my best friends since lord knows how long, we did everything together including my stepsister Paradise . My mother had recently gotten married to her father who which I love as if he is my own father . Speaking of fathers mine wasn’t shit and every chance I got, I would never let him forget that .

As I walk downstairs, I see my little brother flirting with Mercedes like always, I laughed causing them to look at me “You ready to go Tee?” they questioned me, ” Yup, who’s driving?” “Paradise” everybody yelled except her causing us to laugh. We were about to go to the mall with our boyfriends, well they were going with their boyfriends, while I went with this boy I was talking to for way to long .We all looked good so before we left we had my mom take our picture.

I Honesty Montoya: Had a grey rooted and blue tipped lacefront on with a grey Jordan shirt with the silver Jordan sign, tight light blue jeans that hugged my curves, and the blue Jordan Retro 5s ,with my grill in cause why not .

Paradise Woods: Had here hair in red knot less braids, with black ripped overalls a white cropped top, some white forces and her matching gold necklace &' ankle bracelet .

Monroe Carter: Had a black laced wig, with ripped blue jeans that did her justice, with a blue cami v neck bodysuit, and black ocean vapormax plus .

Mercedes Greene: Had a long slick back ponytail, with a tan too cool girl tank crop top from fashion nova, white mid thigh jean shorts, tan faux suede lace up heels .

As we pulled to the mall we had already decided on where we should meet the boys so we walked in and headed right to the food court where they sat at table looking just as good as us ;) .

Honesty’s date Da’Marco Reese: Had a fresh nappy Brooklyn fade a gold chain on with a white shirt with the red Jordan sign, black ripped jeans and red retro 5s resembling my outfit .

Paradise’s boyfriend Jalen Jones: Had a taper fade with waves with broken heart design dressed in black jean pants with a gold MCM belt with ethika boxer on and a white Gucci polo shirt, and Air Max 97s White Pure Platinum University Red .

Monroe’s boyfriend Marqwez Henderson: Had long hair with the sides and back faded dressed in a blue collard polo shirt white pants, the Air Jordan 4s OG military blue with one 2 carat diamond white gold earring with a grill.

Mercedes boyfriend Maxwell Armstrong: Had freshly retwisted dreads with a cut, a plain white polo t-shirt with Guys Letter & Cartoon Patched Ripped Jeans, mid top air force ones, topped off with a gold chain and Iced Out Rolex Datejust 36 mm, two tone, 10 carat diamond blue mother of pearl roman diamond dial.

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