Friends Forever

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1. Aneeza Shabir

“Aneeza, beta!“, ma cried from downstairs.

Uff! What now? I put my pen down with a sigh. I asked,“Yes, ma?”

Ma cried, “I’m going to the market. Do you want to come?”

What? I hate shopping. Ma knows me. Why does she not go alone? I can’t go. Wait, if she goes then I can meet Hassan. Omg! I really can’t wait. I blush at the thought of seeing him again.

Putting on a frustrated face, I exclaimed, “Ma! I have homework. I can’t leave it.”

Hope she takes the bait.

Ma cried, “Ok. You study well. I’ll take Auntie Shabana with me. Just close the door properly. Okay?”

Yes!!! I can’t believe it. Hassan, here I come!

I cried, “Ok, ma!”

She bid me goodbye, “Allah Hafiz!”

I replied, “Allah Hafiz, Ma!”

Seconds later, I hurried the click of the front door. I went down and bolted the door. I went inside and upstairs to my room. I picked up my mobile from study table and unlocked it. Opening the chat, I sent a text to hassan:

Hi! How r u? Are u at home? Ma just left with your mom.

Hello, dear! Aww. You ask me? How r you? Did she? That’s great. I will just come out. You too come to the balcony. We will talk there.

Okay! It is that we are neighbors. Otherwise, we wouldn’t meet so often. Aren’t you glad?

Ofcourse. I’m, dear!

See u in a while

Haha. See u!

I walked to my balcony. It is a great advantage that we are neighbours. And our house structures are nearly same. So, our balconies are near.

I looked at Hassan Khan, my dream man. He is so handsome. He is the total badass boy. He is 19 years old and he a college student.

I’m two years younger than him. I’m still in school. I know it sucks but we are neighbours. Yah! I’m a bit chubby and. I used to hate my figure and skin but he says I’m perfect. He says he love my smooth and lovely skin. I do love him but I haven’t told him yet. I can’t just tell him that. It’s too early. We have been in a relationship for a year. Actually, i want him to be the first to confess. Not that I mind, if he doesn’t. I just want him to make the moment special. I hope it will be.

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