Friends Forever

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2. Nasreen Azam

“Samina! Do you have maths assignment? I forgot mine. Maths period is after recess, I will copy it down and return it.“, I asked desperately to my deskmate.

“I do. Let me look in my bag.“, she started searching in her bag. She checked all pockets then frustratedly again. “Noo....No. Someone stole my assignment.”

“Wait. What? How did this happen? You have it with you all the time. I mean, no one touched your bag.”

“Well...well. Look who it is? I told you not to be friend with her. She is nothing but a lying bitch. Actually, the thief is sitting beside you, Samina” ,cried Bareera, as she came near our desk with her bunch of bully girls.

“Shut up! You don’t know what happened here. Get lost!” ,I cried and stood up from my seat. Samina was just looking dumberfolded from them to me.

I don’t blame her. She was just shocked.

“So, I DON”t know, huh? Why don’t we check YOUR bag?, she spat and one of the girls snatched my bag pack from my hands. She opened my bag and draw out some papers. She thrust them on the desk. “Now, look! Look, who is right?”

Samian, picked the assignment and checked it wholly. She looked up and laughed out loud. I pulled by eyebrows together. She said, If you think, I will fall for your tricks then I won’t. ’Cause, I’m not stupid. It is clear that you stole it and purposely put it in her bag. I don’t trust you. So, get the hell out of here before i report to the teacher!”

Bareera get out of the class but not before giving me a death glare.

“Here. take it and return me after the recess. Don’t forget. Huh?“, she patted my shoulder and I nodded. I mouthed thank u and she blew me a kiss. I chuckled. With that she went to her class.

Yup! its fourth period. We don’t share it, unluckily. She has history and I have english.

Samina is my best friend and buddy. Usually, I don’t have the time to do my homework. I have a poor health. Yes, I suffer from depression. Yesterday, I heard them fighting again. They were shouting, ma was crying begging for him to stop but that animal just kept beating her. I can’t do anything so I ran to my room and cried myself to sleep. Samina don’t know about this. She just thinks that I suffer from poor health for some reason. I just wish for our friendship to last forever....




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