Friends Forever

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3. Hassan Khan

I’m Not a nerd, plus point I'm so handsome. I'm is the total badass boy. I'm 19 years old and a college student. I'm love flirting. Yup! I'm a playboy. We only live once. So why not live to the heart's content. I was admiring my face in the mirror when my phone dingged. I wonder who it is. Sarah, Mira, Farah or Aneeza. Oh dear! It's Aneeza. Damm! That girl is a freak. She is so ugly. How could she think I like her?

Hi! How r u? Are u at home? Ma just left with your mom.

Hello, dear! Aww. You ask me? How r you? Did she? That’s great. I will just come out. You too come to the balcony. We will talk there.

Okay! It is that we are neighbors. Otherwise, we wouldn’t meet so often. Aren’t you glad?

Ofcourse. I’m, dear!

See u in a while

Haha. See u!

I went outside to meet her.

She is a total time waste. I hate her. Why I'm with her? Well, she is rich! You just need to say some pretty thing to her and she'll be licking your shoes, like a dog..

I look at the fat, ugly and freak girl. I wish to just gain her wealth and throw her in a dung.

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