Friends Forever

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4. Losing Hassan (part 1)

It has been days since Hassan last talked to me.

I want to text him but I can’t I don’t want to seem too clingy. I pick my phone a multiple times and put it back.

I’m his girlfriend and I have the right to ask him. But will he not get angry with me?

In the middle of mind conflict, I call him. And he just cut the call.

Good why isn’t he answering? Wait! why don’t I ask Auntie Shabana or mom. I can't. They don't know about our relationship. We have kept it a secret. We know our outdated parents will never allow us to be together.

I walk to the balcony and call him, "HASSAN!!! Come over here." A chair is being dragged and then he is out on the terrace in a second. He asked, " What? Are you okay? Why did you call me? What will happen if we are caught? You will not only ruin your own life but mine too."

"Hassan, are you in the right mind? Why are you shouting at me? You didn't answer my call. I was worried about you. Please forgive me. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have call out load for you."

"Fine. I was busy studying for the finals."

"You should have atleast leave a message. Anyways, I'm want to tell you that your cousin Sarah Khan have texting me since last week. She is basically stalking me even on facebook. I don't know how the hell she got my id. She says she is your fiance since childhood. She is being so bitchy. I have endured it to the point I could. I can't take it anymore. Please make her stop it all."

"What? How can she do this? Just give your phone. I will put up with her."

I gave him my phone dialing Sarah's number.

He took it from me and then said, " Hello, Sarah? Cut the chase and please stop texting my friend. We can't be together. I don't like you. Please leave her out of it. Yes, I know she is young right now but that is not for you to decide if we can be together or not. Tell mom if you want to but remember what will happen to you. You will lose me and I know you won't do that. Ha! What can I say I'm clever not dumb like you."

He just gave me my phone back and said, "Tell me if she calls again. I'll deal with her."

"Thank you, Hassan. Please take care of yourself. You're becoming so weak."

"Yeah. I know.I need to get back to study. I'll call you back." ,He rolled his eyes.

"Okay. Study well and good luck!" I said with a pout.

"Allah Hafiz!"

"Kudah Hafiz!"

I get inside, hoping he will call me. He didn't. I stayed awake almost the whole night with the fear he will call me and I'll miss while sleeping. No call. I text him :

*Hassan, please talk to me. Tell me if I have done something wrong. I am sorry. Good night.*

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