City of Red: Part 2

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With the Commission dismantled, Michael Desantis was set to unite all five families of New York before his untimely death. One year later, the five families have never been so far apart. In the turmoil, a vicious gang from Harlem called the Black Emperor's moves to finish the Italian mob and take all of New York for themselves. Amidst this conflict, Alfonso Machetti has found a new home as a Captain in the Desantis crime family. His acceptance angers Joey Ricci and Bella Costa. As their affair proves to be a ticking time bomb ready to destroy everything, Alfonso places his loyalty in his old family, the Scarlatti's, and in doing so betrays his new one. Their decisions will culminate in a bloody display within Cold Harbor City. Created on the backs of criminals, Cold Harbor City will finally earn its name and you will know why it is the City of Red.

Drama / Romance
C.A. Love
5.0 1 review
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Author's Note

Thank you for choosing to look at my second published novel. A few things to know before you continue. I have altered the original chapters to better adhere to the word count recommendation inkitt has provided. For example, if Chapter 1 is long, you will see Chapter 1 (Continued). And so on and so forth.

This is the second book in the Machetti Legacy. if you haven't read part 1, I recommend reading it and coming back because alot won't make sense.

I hope you enjoy this book. Either way, please comment your thoughts and feelings and if you finish, please review it. The more feedback the better.

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