Price for love

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Marilyn has to pay the price for shooting and killing the man, Kevin Foster after he raped her daughter. Marilyn Williams learns life from the best to the worst. When she finally gets out of prison after 7years, will she finally have the life with her daughter like she always wanted? Will Marilyn help Hugh get his 17 years old son, Hank? (There might be grammar mistakes) Contains strong language and erotic scenes.

Drama / Thriller
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With her short messy hair, Marilyn stand in her daughter's doorway. She's wearing an old worn-out white gown. Her eyes are swollen and her lip is bruised from biting so hard on it. She move her blue eyes all the way to Hugh that approach her slowly. He has short black hair and is a muscled man. He's wearing a very strong smell of men spray on him. He bury his grey eyes on Marilyn that inhale loudly.

"Hayley, dad is here," she say getting her daughter's attention. Hayle pull her big bag to them and look sadly at her mother. Everything she wants to keep are packed in boxes. Her blankets and curtain is still on the bed like her mother requested. She go down in front of her daughter and touch her little cheek softly. Hayle has her mother's eyes and mixture of both her parents' hair colours. "Baby, this isn't your fault, okay? Mommy loves you very much and everything I, is because I love you. I'm very proud of you."

"I'm sorry mommy," she start to cry. Marilyn put her arms around her four-year-old and kiss her cheek.

"Never be sorry, baby," she whisper and look at her daughter after exchanging a kiss. "I love you."

"I love you too, mommy," Hayley reply sadly and look up at her dad. Hugh give her an odd look then pick his daughter up.

"I need you to only pick up the marked boxes tomorrow or whenever," Marilyn say to him where they stand outside. Hayley waiting patiently in the car for her divorced parents to finish with their plans. "You have the extra keys."

"Marilyn, what's going on?" he ask and grab her hand softly. "Are you leaving Hayley?"

"Hugh, I have to do something before it happens again," she whisper and touch his cheek softly. "You were the best husband and are the best father. Thank you, Hugh."

He fold his arms around her for a hug. Whatever it is she's going through, the best way to make her feel less lonely is a warm hug. It's effective to both of them. He turn his head slowly to her. What harm can one innocent kiss do?

"You need to go," she whisper and push herself away slowly. He nod and climb in the car. She fold her arms and watch him drive off with her daughter looking out the back window. Her heart breaks by the second. Will this be the last time she could've held her baby girl?

It's late already and she's ready. Marilyn look at the time on the wall then at the photo of her daughter she's holding. How did she look pass this? Her eyes move up at the door that went open. Kevin walks in laughing on the phone. How can he live with himself? He's tall and filthy. Marilyn fold the photo and put it in her pocket taking out the gun. She unlock her phone and go to her recorder putting the phone in her pocket. She stand up and point it to him. He stop and put his phone down looking at her.

"Why did you do it?" she ask with tears in her eyes. He put his hands up giving her an odd look. "Why did you hurt my little girl?"


"Answer my fucking question!" she yell at him. Anger welling up inside of her. Her emotions are burning up and soon it will destruct like a wild fire. "Why did you rape my daughter?"

"I..." he look down at his feet then back at her. "...Let's talk about this. Put the gun down."

"Fuck you!" she yell at him and shoot his leg. He grab his leg and fall down crying out in pain. "I know you raped her! You're a fucking psychopath and pedophile. I won't allow you to do that again to any innocent young girl!"

"Marilyn..." he try to reach up to her. She shoot his other leg too. Blood smudges up against the floor. "You're a crazy bitch!"

"That's what happens when you get to my baby," she reply and stand forward to him. "I will kill you right now whether you admit it or not. I know I will go to jail, but I won't go if you're still alive. So admit now, Kevin Foster. Did you rape my little girl, Hayley Williams?"

"Yes, Marilyn Williams, I raped your daughter and I don't doubt it for one fucking second," he admit at her. Without hesitation, she shoot him in the head. He fall back dead.

"Fucking pervert," she swore at him shooting him one last time in the head. Hopelessly she fall down to the floor staring at his lifeless body. Did the neighbors hear? Did they call the police? She take her phone out with her shaky hands and stop the voice recorder on her phone. She dial 911 and put it to her ear.

"911, what's your emergency?" a lady answers. Marilyn grab her face and starts to cry. "Hello?"

"I killed someone," she cry. Honestly, she's just scared. She knows there's many pedophiles and rapists running loose outside, but atleast she saved another girl from getting hurt. "I shot and killed Kevin Foster."

She stare ahead of her. Well, she knows for certain that there's consequences to face. At least she took revenge on her daughter's rapist.

After her call, she went directly to Hugh's number. He has to know. Hopefully now he'll understand why she was acting so strange earlier.

Hugh wake up with the buzzing of his phone. He sit up straight and grab it. With heavy eyes struggling to adjust to the phone's light, he swipe the green icon and put his phone to his ear.

"Hello?" he answer and wipe out his eyes.

"Hugh," Marilyn's voice cracks through the phone. "I killed Kevin."

"What?" he climb out of bed and walk to his window looking out. "Marilyn, it's nearly midnight. Where are you?"

"Hugh, I fucking shot Kevin Foster four times, okay!" she yell over the phone and start to cry again. "He's dead!"

"Hold on, okay? I'm coming," he look at Michelle that's still asleep in his bed before he rush out. She'll be here in case Hayley wakes up. "Where are you?"

"I'm at my house," she reply and inhale loudly. "The police are on their way now."

"Why on earth did you shoot him, Marilyn?" Kevin ask and grab his keys. He close the house's door and run to his car.

"He raped her, Hugh," she began to cry. "Kevin Foster fucking raped Hayley! He even admitted it."

"What?" he grab his head angrily. "Okay, hold on. I'm coming to you."

"Hugh," her soft voice immediately got his attention. "Hold Hayley for me, okay? I love you."

"Marilyn?" he froze. What is she going to do? "Marilyn! Fucking wait for me!"

The phone goes dead. He swore to himself and start the engine rushing off.

Marilyn look up and inhale loudly. She bring the gun up to her head and close her eyes. Before she could pull the trigger, her doors burst open. Blue and red lights are everywhere. The police officer run to her and grab her hand taking the gun away.

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