Price for love

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Hopelessly, Marilyn sit in front of the court. Her hands are cuffed. The circles under her eyes are dark and heavy.

"Miss. Williams, you are found guilty for the murder of Kevin Foster and are sentence 7 years in prison," the judge say and swallow hard on a lump in her throat. This case has been overwhelming for everyone. Marilyn look at Hugh that also looked at her. "Miss. Williams, do you have anything you would like to say?"

Marilyn nod her head slowly. She look down silently and inhale loudly. Her eyes move back up and end on Hugh again.

"I'm not sorry for killing Kevin Foster. I'm sorry for missing out seven years of our daughter's life," she say and start to shake bursting down in tears. "I'm sorry for what happened to her. I had to do the right thing. Men like him will only do it to the weakest little girl just to do it again to a million other girls."

She give a little nod and look at the judge.

For Hugh it was the hardest thing to watch Marilyn being taken away. Of course they'll get visit hours, but it won't be the same.

Hayley sit on her single bed at Hugh's place and play with her dolls. He smile softly and fold his arms just watching her. How will he tell her that she won't see her mother at home for a long while.

"Hayley," he break the silence and enter her room. She look at her dad and raise her little eyebrow. "Can we talk?"

"Is it about mommy?" she ask curiously. He nod and take a seat on her bed. She joins him in silence and look worried at him. "Daddy, is she coming home?"

"Not soon sweetheart," he reply giving her a sad look. "Mommy did something to protect other girls. She doesn't want you or any other girl to get hurt the way uncle Kevin hurt you. There is so many uncles out there that wants to hurt little girls like you. I won't be able to protect you all the time, but I want to while I can. What he did wasn't right and I'm sorry that he hurt you. He won't hurt you again."

"Daddy, when someone do that to me, should I scream?" she ask with her big round eyes. Hugh give a little smile and nod.

"Yes, scream as loud as you can no matter where you are," he smile at her and touch her soft light brown hair. "Mommy won't be here, but she'll always be in your little heart and now in your pocket."

She watch him take a picture out of his pocket and put it on her lap. It's a photo of Marilyn on their wedding. Hayley take it and smile softly at her dad.

"I miss her, daddy," she whisper pulling the sides of her mouth down. Her eyes starts to water and her face turns red.

"I know sweetheart, I miss her too," he take his daughter into his arms and hold her. Hayley put her arms around him and starts to cry. She's young. How will he help her understand?

Adapting to her new lifestyle is hard. Marilyn knew she would have to do this, but without her little girl. She hates the feeling. Her chest feels heavy as she stares at the photo of her daughter. Tears climb down her cheeks. The bed she's sitting on is uncomfortable. The stinging feeling in her throat hits her. She press the photo against her chest and bend forward grabbing her face. She inhale loudly crying with the lonely feeling in her. How will she make it through without her little girl by her side. How will she make a lonely night in prison without calling Hugh. He's always been her comfort through the hardest times and now, she has no one to sit next to her and hold her hand. Her little girl isn't there to wrap her little thin arms around her mommy's neck everytime she misses Hugh. No one is there for her now that she's crying for both of them. She look up and look at the photo again.

She surely cried herself to sleep. Her breaking heart begging to stop beating and her mind yearning to switch off. Her body is tired of living without the one thing she created and gave birth to. She knows she will see her daughter again, but she also knows it'll be different. It won't ever be the same. She won't be able to see her first concert, her riding that ridiculous bicycle she's been trying to stay on for a month now, her little mouth wide open with a big smile and a few baby teeth missing. No, she won't be able to experience that in person. That is what breaks her the most of all. Not being there when her daughter needs her. Why didn't she just report Kevin to the police, get him locked up and be with her family? No, he would've served a few years in prison, get out and do it again. Monsters doesn't appear in good dreams, only in nightmares.

Hugh laid whole night in his bed staring at the ceiling. His hand on his chest and his other hand behind his head. Michelle role over and look at him. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes.

"Hun, I know you're worried, but the sun will shine again, I promise," she smile and touch his face. He look at her and remain quiet. How will she ever know? "In the meanwhile, I can be the mother figure for Hayley until Marilyn is out of prison."

"Hayley has a mother, Michelle," he reply and shake his head helplessly. "We'll see everyday. I'll do my father duties including what Marilyn always did."

"I can also do what she did," Michelle say giving him an odd look. "Hayley needs a female rolmodel, Hugh."

"You'll never be Marilyn," he reply straightforward to her. "I don't want anyone to be Marilyn, okay? No one can be her. There's only one person on this earth and that is Marilyn herself."

"Hugh, she's not coming back, face it," Michelle say and sit up angrily. "She won't survive one month in prison."

"Shut up," Hugh jump up and move to the window looking out. "Just don't talk now, okay?"

"Yeah, Hugh," she also stand up and grab her robe walking out. "I'm calling my mother."

Hugh give a heavy sighed and look at the same corner where he met Marilyn. Maybe that's the only reason her bought this house. Only because he can have the perfect view of where he met the love of his life six years ago. He never thought he'd be loosing her. It's only been two years now that they're divorced.

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