Price for love

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Happily, Marilyn take a seat looking at her little girl that sat there on the other side of the glass next to Hugh. She take the phone and put it to her ear same as Hayley. Hayley smiles satisfied at her mother swinging her little legs back and forth.

"Hello mommy," she her mother.

"Hello sweetheart," Marilyn respond and send her a smil through the glass. "How are you my girl?"

"I'm okay mommy," she reply. "I'll be going to school soon."

"You're getting old," Marilyn laugh and look at Hugh that smiled admiringly at her pretty face. She have been in a bad place, but she still have the perfect face. "you can get old, just don't turn grey yet, okay?"

"Yes mommy," she giggle and give the phone to Hugh. He take it with a smile and look at Marilyn that took a deep breath in.

"Hey, how are you keeping up?" he ask through the phone. She take a deep breath in looking sad again.

"It's alright," she look down then back at them. "I just... I miss her, Hugh. And I miss you. It's lonely and I'm scared. At lunch, some woman said to me that I should be careful of some people here. When I was showering, I caught a movement in the corner of my eye...someone was watching me. I just want to get out of here, Hugh. I just want to go home."

"I know," he let go of his breath getting tears in his eyes. "I wish you were home too."

"Hugh, do me a favour please. I think the police already took Hayley's sheets and mattress in as evidence. Can you evacuate the house? You can sell my stuff for now and use it on Hayley. Just please don't sell the piano. If you have somewhere to store a few things, I'd appreciate it. When I get out of here oneday, I want to start new."

"I'll do so, Marilyn," he nod with a little smile. "Anything else?"

"Not really," she look down then back at him. "Well, read Hayley her favourite book. She love Phinochio, but read it in voices to her."

"I will," he nod with a little smile.

It's a bright day outside. Hugh sit on Marilyn's bed at her house sorting out her stuff. He open her drawre getting all the paperwork in a file. He take it out and put it on his lap. He open it and smile at Hayley's birth certificate. All her paperwork is in that folder. He turn it and give an odd look. An old photo of a younger Marilyn with her parents. They both have dark hair. She's the only blonde. He look at it then at the paper behind it. They passed away long before he could meet them.

He take an old piece of paper in his hand.

"She's adopted?" he ask with an odd look. He pull out all the papers looking carefully through it. An old piece of newspaper. "Couple dies in car crash."

He put it down and look at the next set of papers.

Marilyn sit at the table eating her food. She look up when a woman took a seat in front of her. She's broad, has black hair and a tattoo of a snake on her arm.

"I'm Sheryl," she say and stick her hand out.

"Marilyn," Marilyn shake her hand and look at three other women that joined them too.

"So, what brings a pretty face like yours here?" Sheryl ask and start to eat her food waiting. Marilyn look down then back at them.

"My boyfriend raped my daughter. I killed him," she reply and inhale loudly.

"Bastard," Sheryl shake her head. "Oh yes, meet Jenny, Fiona and Chelsea."

Jenny has short blonde hair and green eyes, Fiona is a coloured woman with light brown eyes and short hair and Chelsea is a brown, big lady. She shake their hands one after the other happy to at least make friends.

"So what are you all doing here?" Marilyn ask and smile softly.

"Stole a car," Jenny giggle awkwardly.

"Drug dealing," Fiona shrug her shoulders.

"Turns out it's illegal to sell guns without haviea license," Chelsea reply. The women laugh softly and look at Sheryl.

"My husband and I got into a fight. He came off on my with a gun. I tried to grab it from him. The police already arrived. We heard a shot go off and then another," Sheryl look down then back at him. "I killed a police officer and my husband."

"Sorry," Marilyn whisper and look down then back at them.

"Listen, don't ever apologize, okay?" Jenny say and send her a smile. "When you apologize, people will step over you."

"Yeah," Chelsea agree. "If anyone tries something with you just tell one of us. I'll be out soon, but these three old ladies will still be here."

"Thank you," she smile nicely at them.

"Not to scare you, but some of the men here aren't nice, okay?" Fiona say and sit forward. "Don't trust any of them. Except Harley, he's harmless."

"Who's Harley?" Marilyn ask looking around.

"That dude," Jenny reply showing to a young lad that sat at his table with a few other prisoners.

"I was taking a shower in my sell the other day and when I turned around someone was looking at me through the little opening in the door," Marilyn say to them. They look at her with an odd look.

"Then you must be very attractive," Chelsea say and give her an odd look. Marilyn uncomfortably look down and pull her fingers through her hair.

It's late night. Marilyn sit on her bed looking at the photo. She give an odd look when the little window in her door went open. She stand up and give an odd look. It's a security guard.

"Are you okay?" he ask. She hesitate for a while.

"Just missing my daughter," she reply and put the photo down on the bed. "Who are you?"

"Harry," he reply and smile in the dark. "Are you Marilyn?"

"Yes, how do you know?" she ask with an odd look on her face.

"Well, us guards got a special request from judge Carolynn herself make sure you're safe," he say. She look confused at him. "But don't tell anyone, okay? No one is allowed to know."

"Why me?" she ask and walk closer. "You're not allowed to get emotionally involved with prisoners, neither judge Carolynn."

"Well, she never choose sides, but she also has a daughter, Marilyn. She understands why you did what you did. You just saved other girls from possibly getting raped, so we will return the favour by protecting you from getting any harm," he whisper. She can almost see his face.

"Then why am I here?" she ask softly.

"Because you killed someone. Just because you killed a rapist doesn't make it right. It's the law, Marilyn. Judge Carolynn was suppose to give you 25 years because you used a weapon and did it with the intentions to kill him. She has mercy for you, Marilyn," he reply. She can see a smile grow on his mouth. He shine his light into her sell. She try to cover her eyes and look at him. "You're beautiful, Marilyn. Good night, okay?"

"Night," she nod and take a seat on her bed. He put his light off and close the window. She look into her dark room before laying down on the hard bed.

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