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The five stars

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Day 2

I came in her room and didn’t see her. She must have fallen

asleep under the bed. I walk to the bed and pull her legs.

I can’t have her making me look stupid in front of the

Captain and the others. I gave her one-day; that was

enough. She tried to hold onto the bed but I yanked her

harder. I pulled her up and put her on the bed. I held her



“I am not here to hurt you but I need you to stop fighting

or else I will have to tie you up and if you scream I will

have to beat you. Also, if you cause me too many problems I

will have to send you back in the camp. You understand?”

She stared at me with an angry stare but shook her head to

show she understood me. I sat her up and walked to sit down

on the chair across the room.


“Today I am only here to ask you questions. You must answer

all my questions truthfully. Then you will have a meal and

you will have the room to yourself to do what you want. You

can have a book if you like. Understood?”

She shakes her head once again in agreement.

“I asked do you understand?”


“Good. What is your name?”


“Ester, nice to meet you my name is Oberstgruppenfuhrer

Lehmann. How old are you?”

“I’m seventeen.”

“Are you a virgin?”


“What are your studies? Did you work?”

“I don’t have much studies, I take care of my family. I

work as a maid, I clean for rich people.”

“Very good. Very good! What kind of books do you like to


“Anything is fine.”

“I will bring you the best book we have! I don’t have any

other questions for you for today.”

I get up and leave. I order her the best German food we

have and send in one of my favourite novels with it.

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