ANCHOR (New York/ Nigerian Story) [screenplay]

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Tintina is a girl living her dreams in New York City after graduating from secondary school Back in Nigeria six years ago. But she relive her shame of secondary school as her dream slowly becomes a real live nightmare of heartbreak. Can she ever find closure?...

Drama / Mystery
Isa Hafsat Hamtin
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This series is based on Culture, Religion, LGBTQ and most importantly, its has musical concert, so they're going to be some songs that you guys will be familiar with. I know what you are thinking, that all these lifestyles can't co-exist in one world. Well, guess what, look at the world we live in, although we don't agree with one another on what is real, we do live on the same earth.

Growing up, I loved every aspect of art and culture and I respect people for who they are, so as you read on, if you think I'm not correct in any aspect of any culture just remember it's just a fiction of my imagination but if you feel I'm wrong with anything, please notify me privately.

Although I'm dyslexic, I love to tell stories so I try my best to write my stories down word by word carefully for faraway audiences, so here we are. So in case you see any miss-spelling anywhere, please notify me or even better, comment on the line. As you read on, the characters will make use of some Nigerian languages and also pidgin languages. So I'm going to provide an Appendix Translation of any word[w] or sentence[s] written in pidgin at the end of every episode.

copyright©2019 hamtin.isa/Isa Hafsat Hamtin. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced, copied, or utilized in any form or by any means, without the prior written consent of the screenwriter.

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