Trapped book 1 (The Valentino Brothers Series)

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Warning: This book is only meant for readers 18+ Includes: Sexual threats/ sexual harassment and sexual assault (Sample) Duke “Come.” I order her. She looks up at me with her blue eyes and shakes her head. “I’m not going to tell you again Pearl, come with me, now.” “No.” She says, defiance in her eyes. “You may be used to ordering people around, but I won’t let you do that to me. I won’t listen to you; I won’t be your little plaything and I will never be your wife. I hate you.” “Well, that’s too bad.” I say, my voice dripping with sarcasm. I bend down and wrap my arm around the backs of her thighs, quickly throwing her over my shoulder. “No!” She screams. “Put me down you monster!” I walk with her out of the kitchen and go into the hallway. She hits my back with her fists, but they feel like if a kitten was to walk on you. I walk with her upstairs and open my bedroom door, throwing her down onto the bed. She lets out a huff and sits up. “You’re an asshole.” “And you’re a fucking brat.” I tell her. “You think that I’m a monster now? You keep acting up and not listening to me and then you’ll really see the true monster that I am. I’ve been easy on you my sweet but keep fucking with me and I will break you. You will learn to behave and act like a good wife or you will be punished.”

Drama / Romance
Mickey Myjak
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My life ended when I was fifteen. My father had died that year, leaving my mother and I by ourselves with no money. He gambled it all away before he killed himself. It’s sad to say but my mother was more devastated by losing all our money instead of my fathers’ death. She couldn’t bare to live without all her materialistic things and her grand old house, so she made a deal. She signed my life away. At the age of eighteen I am to be married to Duke Valentino. He’s the boss of the Valentino Italian mob. He’s a dangerous criminal and I know he has killed people. In two days, I am turning eighteen and I am supposed to be marrying him. The mere thought of him kissing me, touching me, makes me want to throw up. He’s not ugly, far from it. He’s extremely handsome, with dark curly black hair, dark brown eyes, and huge muscles. He’s twenty-five, 6’3 and has beautiful golden tanned skin. He’s beautiful on the outside but it’s what’s on the inside that scares me. He’s a ruthless, evil man who is now supposed to be my husband. My mother couldn’t be any happier since she arranged this marriage. The Valentino family has been paying for us to continue to live in our luxurious house and for us to live very comfortably. I honestly could give two shits as to where I live or what brand name I could be wearing. All I care about is my freedom. The freedom that was taken away from me when my mother signed that contract. My life is already laid out for me like a pretty little package that I want nothing to do with. I’m terrified, yet no one seems to care what I’m feeling or thinking. As long as I continue to be the good little bride and stay pure, untouched, everyone could care less about me. I’m doomed for a life of hell, unless I do something to change the fate of my life I will be trapped, forever.

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