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The life of a pop-star can be hard, but the life of an Idol can be hell. Everything you do has to be perfect. Everything you are has to be perfect. Perfect Hair? Check Perfect voice? Check Perfect dance moves? Check Perfect mental health? Unclear. Seo Joon, best known by his stage name, S.J, thought he had what it took to be an Idol. But he learned that in this industry only the best end up on top, and if your not the best your better off forgotten. Screw the mental health, who cares right? You just need to be perfect.

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In the world of K-pop, dreams can quickly be twisted into nightmares, and fantasies can become horror.

It's easy to become blinded by the fans, the fame, the adrenaline you feel when you're on stage belting your heart out while covered in sweat.

It's all about fame.




Screw happiness, fame is all that matters.


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