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NF- trauma
“Say you’re there when I feel helpless
If that’s true, why don’t you help me?
It’s my fault, I know I’m selfish
Stand alone, my soul is jealous”

SUGA- Shadow
“No one told me How lonely it is up here...”
“Smile. Why are you hesitating? Isn’t this what you wanted?”

AJR- Come Hang Out
“Last album’s sales could have been higher
Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen friends in awhile”
“Come hang out
’Cause you’re outta your mind
You’re working so damn hard
You forgot what you like
And come hang out”

ISSAC DUNBAR- Issac Insects
“They think I’m hot
And haunt my room
And it scares me
Oh, how it scares me”

SASHA SLOAN- too sad to cry
“I’m too sad to cry, too high to get up
Don’t even try ’cause I’m scared to fuck up”

AU/RA- Ghost
“Can’t see myself in the mirror
Does that mean I’m not really here?
I’m losin’ touch with everything I know
And I’m so scared that I’ll end up, I’ll end up, I’ll end up alone”

BTS-Louder than Bombs

Billie Eilish- Everything I Wanted

Ruel- Hard Sometimes
“Try to be happy, but it’s hard sometimes
But life (But life)
Just seems to happen right before my eyes
’Cause I feel like I’m not there
’Cause my head is up somewhere”

Isaac Dunbar-Suicide

Fog Lake- Push
I wish I was just a little bit younger
Then I wouldn’t be afraid like this
Push it in just a little bit further

I don’t wanna be alone right now
God, I wish it was a little bit later
Think I’d rather be asleep right now
Dream about some mistake I made

Troye Sivan- Ease

Julia Michaels- If you need me

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