Living In Cavetown

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Jessica lives with her dad and brother after her mother died when she was younger. Things go from bad to worse as time goes on. Jamie, her brother, doesn't know how to protect Jess from their father anymore. The drunk alcoholic that they call their father has been abusing them since their mother died, and having his way with Jess for years. Jamie learns how to fight back, but his father finds ways to outsmart him over and over again, leaving Jessica feeling vulnerable and alone all over again. Will anyone be able to help get them out of their father's house? Why does Jamie still choose to stay living with Jess and their father when he is now 20 and makes enough money to buy his own place? Who will step in and help Jess see what is happening around her? TRIGGER WARNINGS**** R*pe Abuse Suicidal tendanices Talk of drugs Drug Use Cursing Please give this story a try and don't comment mean things about my work! Thank you! Also! Yes, the town name is after one of my favorite bands, and a lot of my chapters will have songs to listen to while you read so you know what I was listening to when I wrote the chapter! Please, please, please, go check Cavetown out if you don't know them!

Drama / Romance
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I know I don’t usually do these, but I wanted to take a moment to thank the people in my life who make me want to continue to write and share my stories with others. If it wasnt for the support I get from the people I do, I would have stopped writting a long time ago. So this book is dedicated to my Loving Sister, Jolee. My amazing Grandmother, Carla. My Father, Carl. And even though she isn’t here now, a lot of my ideas come from the pain she has given me through life, my Mother, Bobbi. Although she may be dead in my mind now, the mother I grew up with helped me in many ways, and the woman she is today gave me pain to push through in the form of writting. Thank you to all my readers, I always get excited with even just a couple reads on my books. I love that someone else is taking interest in my stories as much as I like to write them.

Jessica is just 16 and getting ready to be a sophomore in highschool. Her father drinks, a lot, and hurts her in more ways than she feels comfortable talking about with others. Her older brother, Jamie has always been there, but she feels like something is off with him too. Her whole life has been nothing but pain and crying for the life she wished she could have. Living with the life she has, Jessica is stronger than most girls, but she is weaker than she would ever think to be okay. Jamie tries, but her father outsmarts him, and she has to get help from others- people who shouldn’t know about what happens when that front door locks. Maybe things will get batter now that she is finally getting help from someone that’s not her brother or her dead mother. Jessica can only hope that things will get better. Hope. Something Jessica had thought was long ago lost to her.

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