Lady of The Manor

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After accepting a scholarship and moving to King's University, Verona realised that she needs extra work to support herself financially. Referred by her professor, she finally got a job as an assistant of a noble family. But it's not just any noble family It was the Manor, a family that was known to be cursed.

Drama / Fantasy
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Before we dive into the story, I would like to put this information ahead first. This story is purely fictional and an original product of mine. All the characters, settings and storyline are all my own creation, therefore I claim copyright to all of them. Please do not post this story in other sites and only use the sharing option that Inkitt provides.



A brief introduction about myself, I have loved writing since a long time ago when I was in junior high. I fell in love with writing and shared my stories with my close friends. However, my lack of confidence sort of hindered me to keep on writing, so I neglected that passion for years.

I have recently gained confidence to finally publish my short stories in a blog (you can find the link in my profile), however that project was in hiatus since I didn’t have enough funds to support the local artists to illustrate my writings (yet).

I still want to keep on writing nonetheless, so I decided to try posting my stories here instead. The stories might not be re-published into my blog and stay exclusively in Wattpad. And since I am so used to writing short stories, I might not be very good at writing a whole book. But I do hope you are still going to enjoy the story!

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