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Camilla Sanchez is a 14-year-old girl that struggles with life decisions up to the point where her life is a living hell. She can't help but feel sorry for herself, she undergo's depression as a result of her actions and keeps the secret all to herself too not worry others. She ends up not being able to deal with the pain so she opens up to only one person about everything, all of her thoughts!

Drama / Adventure
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What's The Purpose?

You are born, you respire, furthermore you experience. Few experiences are superior to others nevertheless, we set about the same process as well as conclude the same process. Some are fortunate enough too be born into stardom, fame, and success. What happens when you aren’t created in either setting? Is it a struggle or paradoxically more arduous. Teenager Camilla Sanchez would like to tell her story. More importantly her position in time.

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