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She is rude. He is annoying especially to her. He sits right behind her and his work is only to disturb the so called rude girl.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Ouch! I once again twisted my leg. A side effect of running down the stairs with high heels. Who wears high heels to school apart from me? I know am sick in the brain but who cares. I wore the heels cause it was blending well with my tank top and highweist jeans. I held the railings and massaged my ankle. Thank God, the pain disappeared though not completely. I limped my way to the kitchen trying my foot to adjust to the walking. I scrunched my nose up in disgust as the smell of alcohol hit my nose. eww! I hate alcohol and beleive me when I say that in my seventeen years of life I had never took a sip of it.

The kitchen was disarranged and it was not something knew to me. I looked at the empty bottle of wine that was lying on the counter. Seriously my mom was drinking her life off. I opened the fridge and took an apple and a bottle of ice-water out. Taking a bite out of my apple, I heard a beep. Knowing that Noah's truck was outside waiting for me, I grabbed my backpack and stood by the threshold. After locking the door and putting the keys in my pocket, I jogged my way to the black truck.

Noah was my bestfriend since we moved into this village which was two years back. He was more like my elder brother. He's 6'8 tall with black long hair which he ties it with a band. He has brown eyes and white perfect teeth that adds to his charming smile. He isn't a player and his girlfriend lives two hours away from him.

"Hey" Noah Carter greets me as soon as I hoped into the passenger sit. Uff! I breath out tying my carly brown hair into a ponytail. My hair is long reaching into my waist and I love it that way. I dont actually cut my hair cause am in love with my long carly hair which adds to my beauty. Am not so beautiful but neither am I ugly. Am 5'7 tall with hazel eyes and slim figure that allows me to wear any type of clothes.

"You know I wont say am fine right? cause am not!" I rest my head on the headrest massaging my head. Noah stared at me with concern dripping from his eyes before he steped into the gas pedal and drove. I reached my hand into the cd player turning it on. I increased the volume as steal my girl, one direction blasted from the speaker. I finished my apple and started drinking the cold water.
Noah shoot me a look, "will you ever stop drinking cold water? For Lord's sake you will catch cold." He shook his head. This boy sitting behind the wheels knows me like no one else. Noah James Carter is the only person that I turn to when I have problems. He is the only person that knows the real softie am and not the rude picture I portray. He knows that am from a single parent aka stressful family.

He parked the truck into the school parking lot and we steped out. He held my hand and squeezed it in assurance.
"Everything will be fine dont worry. If you need me let me know ohk?" I shook my head and engulfed him in a hug, welcoming his floral scent. He pinched me on the cheeks once we broke from the hug and I slapped his hand.
"How many times did I tell you not to touch my cheeks with your hands?" I stared into his eyes trying to be intimidating. He laughed and raised his hands up in surrender. He leaned a bit and brushed his lips on my cheeks.
"You said hands not lips remember." He grinned as I turned on my heels smiling to myself. Noah had his crazy ways of lighting up my mood.

"Reg!" Noah shouted behind me stopping me from taking another step. He catched up to me twirling his keys. We walked side by side as the girls in the hallway threw their envy gazes at us. Ravenwood highschool was one school where people would bring rumours and make it seem as reality. There was this rumour that was trending among the gossipers about me and Noah kissing in the guys washroom. They came up with the rumour once they saw me standing in front of the male washroom waiting for Noah.

I parted with Noah as his locker was on the left corner while mine was on the pathway.
I removed my biology book and locked the locker after keeping my backpack inside. As if a cue, the bell rang. I walked into the spacious room we called a classroom. I walked to the next row on the right column. I sat on the desk that was next to a large window that was outlooking the school garden.

"Morning Reagan Mathew," Mr. William, our biology teacher who was on his late forties greeted me. I smiled at him and greeted him back. I was one of the best student in biology since it was my favorite subject and eventually I became Mr. William's favorite.

Within five minute, the class was filled with students. Mr. William started on scribbling something on the board, his back blocking me from seeing the topic. Once he was done writing on the board, he turned to us.
"So today we are learning one of the easiest topic. As you can see on the board our lesson for today is all about Genetics...." Mr. William stoped talking when he hard a soft knock on the door. He shouted 'come in' in his irritative voice. This teacher hates to be distracted. The door busted open as if the boy standing outside thought he was wide enough to accumulate the whole space.

There stood the most annoying and to top it, the idol of Ravenwood girls. Elijah Charles.
All eyes were on him and the girls were beaming when he smiled his attractive smile. I couldnt help but roll my eyes at him. I dont know why girls were that much into him. I knew he was handsome but did they see how annoying asshole he was.
He walked up to me and sat next to me. His perfume consuming the fresh air.
"Hey Amor,miss me yah?" His electric blue eyes stared into my hazel ones. I rolled my eyes.

"Told you not to call me that." My sound was harsh but he didnt back off. He just smiled and shook his head as his blonde hair fell onto his face. He didnt care to sweep it away from his face.

After seconds he leaned into me, his cologne hitting my nose. Did he showered with a whole bottle of perfume?

"Babe, told you not to speak that way. Your voice can make one pee." His warm breath fanned my ear.


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am knew to the whole writing stuff so excuse any mistake and politely point it out. Thanks for giving it a try and do vote and comment, it will make me happy.

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