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A story about a girl who doesn't trust people. A story about a boy who isn't supposed to be here, but now that he is well why not be a bad-boy. They show each other that there is still someone in this world that will care about them. That they can be happy, they deserve to be happy.

Drama / Romance
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Hello and welcome to an official introduction to my story, before you get to know the story here are few words about me.

I'm a female, young writer. I haven't done much writing but I hope you will enjoy the story. This story will be posted weekly, I have written it from the start to finish by myself, so please be nice and don't copy it. I also want to apologize beforehand for any grammar/punctuation mistakes. Most of the story will be written up at night so that might also affect it but I will do my best and make sure to check and polish it before posting. I hope that one day I will be successful.

I have also set myself a goal. Once I reach 30 readers, if I ever do, I will share with you a secret name for me, the writer, and you, the beautiful reader. I might as well get fandom someday.

Haha, who am I kidding? Okay, that's enough now for the story.


The story theme is Romance.

Narrator's Pov

Melanie Copper is a 17 years old girl, who has entire life been around people who hate her. Ever since she was little her parents would send her away, she would always be around her grandparents. Well, only until they died. She felt betrayed once again, she swore she will never trust anyone ever again. Her abusive parents sent her to the best schools with dorms, using the money her grandparents left. She felt safer, anywhere away from home.

Now she lives on the school campus. Alone, well not really. When she was younger, she met her one and only friend; Sam Martin. They are always there for each other.

Melanie has been betrayed so much in her life that she doesn't trust anyone new. Sam is all she needs.

Reggie Miller, he wasn't supposed to be here, he wasn't supposed to be born. At least that what's his family say. Parents never were supportive, all they did was giving him money; selling him off. His family is in Korea when he on his own has been sent aboard to live on his own. All he gets from his family is money. With the money, he gets he is never supposed to go back.

He is a typical, fit, good looking, player. Well, that's how others see him. No friends, all girls after him but he doesn't care. All he needs is himself. Until he saw Melanie. He started to talk to people since she never talked back to him he decided to hang out with all the other girls to make her jealous. She still didn't budge, but that was in middle school. Now he moved into a new school campus, a new part-time house, new life. The only thing that stayed the same is that he still is a play-boy and rude ass.

Ok, how do you like it so far? I just want to add that all the characters are real. I had known these people, however, for privacy I changed their names. This story is kind of reflecting me at some points. For the places that all scenes took place at are not real. Well they are but if I say that they went to some town/city it's just a name of it that I chose to use but everything in their city will be from other parts of the world, so technically the world is fictional. This introduction is just about the characters. The actual story I plan to start posting in 2 weeks' time, meanwhile, I will type some chapters up.

Thank you for your time. Please vote if you are interested in the story.

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