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Chapter 1

Melanie's Pov


"Hahahaha, she's such a loser." unknown voice.
"Look at her all she wears is this bin bag." unknown voice.
"Did I give birth to trash?" Mother's voice.
"Ugh... can you not be so stupid" unknown voice.
"why do you live? just die already" unknown voice.
I'm Asleep.

Melanie, stop... it's dangerous. You will fall.

Melanie NOOOO !!!

I'm falling. For the last time, I see the sun, birds, clouds.

Nothing... Darkness... I'm alone.


"Hey...hey... hey Mellie wake up. " ???
"Did you have the nightmares again?" ???
I woke up. The sun shining outside the window blinded me as I tried to open my eyes. The same dream, people being themselves by judging me... And then the light, as I'm falling.
"Yes, I'm awake... just the usual nightmare... I'm fine, thanks to you Sam"
"You scared the shit out of me" Sam looked worried. It's not like these dreams are that rare.
I got up, right today's the day. Last week of summer vacation and today is the moving in day.
"My mum made breakfast before she had to go to work. She also said that the truck will come to collect our stuff at 1 pm. Gosh, I'm soo excited to go to Uni"
I have been staying at Sam's over the summer because I couldn't stay at home... I got kicked out and Sam as my only friend took me in. We've been through so much together because of me. I felt bad, but for her, I'm like a sister she always wanted. Thanks to her I never ended up homeless.
Next week we will be officially students at Atan University. Honestly, I'm not as excited as Sam's is, for her everything means fun, parties, and new faces as for me it's more like, trouble, study, and home. Everyone is the same at school, pretending to be your friend and betrays you at the end. Or for boys, you're just a toy. That's why I'm not going to meet anyone, Sam is the only trustworthy person for me. Even my parents are not trustworthy, so how can new people be.
I got dresses, I wore some black leggings and a dark blue hoodie. Since I will be moving furniture I shouldn't wear anything new. Not like any of my new clothes look different.

Sam was waiting for me in the kitchen so we could eat breakfast together. It's 7 am so we got plenty of time to pack the rest of the stuff before the van arrives. Today's breakfast was homemade no sugar pancakes. Sam's mum, Mrs. Martin has a strict opinion about food, she always tries to make the food as healthy and as tasty as possible. I will miss her cooking. We ate our food in silence and we watched a film we didn't finish yesterday.
Once we both finished I washed the dishes and Sam cleaned everything that was left on the table. As we finished we went ahead to our room to see if we have everything.
My clothes were all in a single suitcase when Sam needed 2. The rest of the stuff like our books, decoration Etc. wherein boxes with labels on them so it could be easier to unpack. altogether I had 5 boxes and a suitcase and Sam had 8 boxes. She always had double of everything, all in different colours yet everything seems so minimal and clean.
For me, I only would bring my clothes and books but Mrs Martin insisted to buy decorations and new clothes. She would treat me just like her daughter and for me, she was a mum.
By the time we checked everything it was already 11 am. In 2 hours we will move into our new rooms.
Atan University has a giant campus and good student service. It's a really good option for rich kids. So I guess there will be lots of spoiled brats. What can I expect from rich kids? As long as I leave them alone I will be left alone. I can just focus on my studies and get a job at the end, I will finally be an adult so I will be able to finally get out of here. What's the point of staying here, even Sam wanted to travel we can both escape and maybe even take her mum too so she wouldn't feel lonely.
"So, are you all packed?" Sam asked snapping me back to reality.
"huh... oh yes I'm, there wasn't much to pack, to begin with, well before your mum got me soo much stuff. Are you sure it's okay to keep all this?"
"Duh... why would you even ask like I said before we are sisters. So that's why you deserve anything, even my mum would like another daughter. Haha, but really it's nothing"
I didn't want her mum to get attached to me but honestly, I did too she really is a mother to me.
"Thank you." Sam really is the best what would I do without her.
"Come on, let's go on the trampoline before we leave. Or maybe swim for a little while huh"
Just like that, we went to her garden to jump on the trampoline and took some pictures before leaving. It's gonna be a while until we will do it again if we ever do.
At exactly 1 pm the van has arrived and we were on the way to Atan Uni.

Hello, so this is the 1st chapter. It's a bit short but I wanted to start of with a chapter before they meet their roommates. Is anyone excited?

For now on I will be updating weekly... hopefully. If you find anything confusing or any mistakes please let me know I will correct it and explain it to you further. lots of love
thank you for reading, vote for more.
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