Mute And Rejected Mate

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Wasn't mate suppose to love and care for each other till death??? Or is it just a fairytale? Lucy Mason didn't ask for her parents to be killed. She wasn't expecting it to happen let alone being accused for killing them. Over the years, Lucy is consumed with sadness but still remains as strong as she can. That is until the new alpha Xavier Black turns out to be her mate, he gave her a once over before rejecting her with disgust lace in his words. Taya, sad, heartbroken, with a piece of her missing, finally had enough. She doesn't run away, but just gives up leaving her in a state of coma. When she wakes up nobody was expecting the defiant, back-talking girl they abuse for years, To give up her voice and become mute THIS BOOK CONTAINS: sad, abuse ,Rejections, hurt, depressing ,love, violets,

Drama / Romance
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The Beginning

My whole life has been..........nothing

I have no purpose but to cook and clean for my pack who constantly treat me horribly after my parents death. My momma and father died to rouges, my older brothers don't ever care about me enough to protect me from the bullies. Hell there the bullies

They think I'm the reason for my parent's death.

Classic right?

Its basically the same old story. I was outside, at the age of 14 not doing anything in particular. I heard a loud growl, I looked up to see a rogue

Dun dun dunnnnnnnn ( ok imma stop 😂)

My parents came rushing out. The wolf leaped and was about to attack me but luckily my father came in front of me and knocked it down on it's way. A bunch of other wolves came to attack my parents.My mother screamed for me to get inside, but when I was about to turn around there's a huge grey wolf growling at me, growling so much it shook the ground beneath me. As he lunged for me , my mother quickly shifted into her wolf form and took the hit.

She died instantly. You could hear my father whimper before growling almost as loud as the grey wolf before he continued to fight

Finally, the wolves ended my father's life before the others in my pack came

The wolves ran when my pack finally arrived all they saw was my, mother and father lying dead on the ground with me on my knees, blood covering my hands and legs.

They didnt ask anything.They didnt help me.They accused me.From 14 to 15 is when u shift.They thought i shifted went crazy and killed my parents.

My brothers hate me.My Alpha always look at me with disgust.My other pack members would always have a mean comment to say or saliva to spit on me.

My parents were beloved people in the pack.My father was a great warrior and mother was a kind heart person who will bake for the member randomly. They both had such big hearts, they kept our family togethere.

After their deaths,my siblings and i were forced to move in to the pack house.My brothers got nice bedrooms, while i got the attic.

I cook, clean and basically do anything else they tell me to do.No one gives me any sort of positive attention.I thought my brothers would be there but their worst.

My oldest brother,micah is the meanest. Hes 24,has brown hair with grey eyes. he will come up to my room and yell at me before slapping me hard knocking me to the floor.He isnt satisfied until he sees blood

I can cry and cry but nothing seems to only encourages him.

My other brother is Steven. He's 22 years old, he has Light brown hair and grey eyes. He doesn't hit my like Mica, but he still hits me. He usually smacks me really hard or Push me down but never draws blood. He only glares at me.

My mother name was Alice.she had dark brown hair that fell upon her shoulder with grey eyes and stood 5'5. She always made you feel better when u were down. She was an amazing cook.

My father James had blonde hair with dark brown eyes. He was very tall almost 6'4. He was one of the best fighters this pack has ever had. He was a tough nail with a heart of gold. He would make you feel safe and protected and always gave you a good laugh

Then there's me, Lucy. I'm 18, I have long dark brown hair almost to my butt. I got my father's dark eyes and I'm 5'4. I never used to believe I was fat. That was never a problem. But after everything that had happen with my parents. That's all I heard. I now can never look in the very small cracked mirror I have without wanting to cry. I know I shouldn't let it get it me, but when the girl I used to call bestfriend said it to me , I nearly broke down right then and there.

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