Darkness Disappears

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Panic attacks are something that a lot of people face. They are caused from tragic events that have happened in that said person's life. Now many things can trigger them, and Corrina Gonzalez's trigger just so happens to be darkness. **** Corrina is seventeen years old and is having to move across country to live with her older brother, who is in college. The reason she moves is because their parents were murdered. Since Aaron is twenty-two, he is able to become the sole guardian for Corrina, which means that she has to finish her senior year in Los Angeles, California.

Drama / Romance
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182 words


The darkness creeps in every corner, watching and waiting for it's moment to strick. It waits for that small little slip up, so that it can wrap it's slimy fingers around your neck, holding you in place so that you can't run off.

Then inch, by inch, the walls start to close in around you.

As each moment passes, you struggle to breathe.

You hear laughter coming from the darkness. The sound is sinister and makes chills run down your spine.

Its like the darkness, or someone in the darkness, is laughing at your misfortune, like it's taunting you.

The grip around your neck tightens, before you feel a cold gust of wind brush past your ear. Its not long before a voice quietly whispers,

"They would still be alive, if it wasn't for you,"

Then your neck is released and you flop to the ground, gasping for air, but still not receiving any.

The darkness disappears with a sinister laugh, and all that is left, is the echo and a puddle of blood that you are slowly drowning in.

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