Summer Nights

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Melanie Corey can't seem to catch a break. Trouble follows her around in all shapes and sizes. She never really learned how to love so when she meets Lukas again her sophomore year she is spread thin to say the least. Will she love him the way she always imagined loving someone? Will he make her another victim of the brainwashed generations hook up culture? Keep reading Summer Nights to find out!

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Where does a story like mine start? Hi, my name’s Melanie Adeline Corey. I am, as of right now fifteen years old. I wouldn’t say I am the popular kind of girl. I’m a wallflower, the quiet shy type. Definitely not the type to go out and look for trouble. Somehow it follows me around and hunts me down like a buck during open season. It all started my freshman year when my dad died in a car crash. His name was Philip Lenard Corey. He had soft brown eyes and a smile like cheese cake on the fourth of July. I, on the other hand, had hazel eyes, a gap in my teeth and horrible self image.

I was nothing like my sister, Lilith Corey. She was tall with tan skin and long brown hair. She was a social butterfly, knew everyone and everyone adored her. She wasn’t your average popular girl. Lily didn’t have the ideal body type. She was skinny and not very shapely. She always smelt of roses and vanilla. My sister was math smart and had no sense of depth. She had been the poster child for a perfect family. She was two grades ahead of me. She was seventeen by now.

The piercing ringing pulls me out of my thoughts. School had just ended and all hell was about to break loose. Here we go again, another break to stay away from everyone. “Have you thought about what you’ll be doing this summer?” a voice from behind breaks through my self wallowing. I turned to see Bridget, my best friend since 5th grade. I send her a small smile “Probably buy a swimsuit and then hide it and ignore my yearning for the water.” I used to be a swimmer pre-puberty. Once my body started to curve in the slightest I hid myself away. I wasn’t obese or anything. I didn’t have a great body either. I had more on the bottom and less on the top.

“You should try again… No one’s really gonna focus on you, well maybe Lukas.” Lukas Garcia. Six feet and two inches of pure fire. I never really cared about him. We used to be friends. He and I fell apart and I stopped talking to him. Recently he had gotten hot. Puberty hit that kid like a truck. He had a six pack and one hell of a smile. “Yeah right, all he wants to do is get in my pants.” Was that so bad? If the opportunity presented itself I wouldn’t walk away… She laughed and shoved her shoulder into mine “He’s a year younger what’d ya expect?”

She was right, he was younger and I was different from girls in his grade. I played video games and cosplayed. I wore black and dyed my hair. I even had a secret nose piercing. I shook away the thought of his body pressed against mine and laughed at Bridget. She narrowed her eyes and pretended to be mad at me. Lukas would never go for me, or so I thought.

Weeks went by and I stopped texting my friends. Bridget got grounded after getting caught with weed. Callie had lost hope of getting me a significant other. She all together stopped texting me, which was fine because she was fake and too stuck in her own life to care about mine besides hook up culture. I ended up unblocking exes and people I didn’t really talk to. Lukas Garcia happened to be one of them. A notification from my phone sounded while I was watching netflix. Lukas Garcia sent me, Melanie Corey a text. He was flirtatious and smooth. He had me blushing and smiling at my phone screen. He had convinced me to show him my body. He loved it… for the first time in a long time I loved it too.

Weeks went by and we had talked about meeting. He said he was having a pool party and I should stop by and swim. I had gone shopping with my mom and got a bikini. It was small and didn’t leave much to the imagination. I knew it would perk the younger boys’ interest. Maybe that’s why I decided on that one. My mom expected me never to wear it. She was not oblivious to the fact that I looked nothing like my sister. I was adopted… She was my mother nonetheless. “Melanie, dearest, come down to eat” I hid the suit under my pillow and raced down the stairs.

“She lives… whoa what?” Lily grins as she mocks me like I’m wildlife. Lily’s brown hair looked extra straight today. “Did you straighten your hair Lil?” I asked her. She blushed and stuttered to let out a response. “W-wha-what, me? Hair? No… Yes? Is it too much?” I smiled and patted her head “You look great lily. Now who’s the lucky girl?” Oh yeah did I forget to mention my sister, Miss Perfect, is a lesbian? Whoops, my bad. She hid behind her hair “Missy Lively” I spit out my water I had just sipped. “What she actually speaks!?” I bust out laughing as she shakes her head at me.

I kept to myself most of dinner ignoring everyone. I had my head in the clouds thinking about him… Why was he so special? I was the one who should be special to him. Obviously I never felt special but I was in fact older than him, taller than most girls, broken more than others, smart but not special, part of a brainwashed generation. I hated the fact I couldn’t get him off my mind. I was addicted to him and I was afraid of that. Nothing good can come from addiction.

I told my mom I was going by Callie’s to let her borrow my bathing suit. She suspected nothing from that. It was normal to her. I always put my friends before myself. I hopped on my bike and raced to his block. Since the end of the year I got my hair dyed a different color, a bright blue and at the ends a green. I came up to his block and saw him leaning against a short blonde. I froze in my tracks and waited to see how this played out. He pushed the blonde hair out of her face giving her a smirk and she began to giggle like a hyena.

My heart broke into a thousand tiny pieces. I saw the words leave his lips mamas a name he would call me. I wasn’t special to him. I meant nothing. I was just an older harder prize to win. He had no intentions of loving me. No intentions of needing me. I sniffled now noticing I was crying. I was crying for him? That no good lying playboy. I turned around and went to the train station. My heart was beating in rhythm with my legs peddling, sobs escaped my lips, my head was throbbing. I knew nothing good could come from addiction. I was right, painfully right. He never cared for me. I was a piece of cake to him. Nothing more, nothing less. I sat in the grass looking at the sky.

“Can I sit here?” someone with a deep voice and a funny accent asked me. I replied sarcastically “Sorry this seat is taken for a playboy whose tongue is on the inside of some other girl’s cheek.” The voice chuckled “Rough day?” I laughed bitterly “You have no idea” I felt a thump next to me and I turned to see a dirty blonde boy sitting next to me. He gave me a small smile. I returned a weak one. “I’m Colby” he said as he stuck out his hand, I shook it “Melanie” I noticed his accent once again and asked him where he was from “The UK” I giggled “Well are you lost? This isn’t the UK buddy” He smiled and laughed “Fair enough”

He had a laugh that could make everyone in the room smile. I looked towards the train station feeling my phone vibrate with text messages. I check them and to no one’s surprise he texts me. I scoff at his messages “The audacity of that child…” Colby gives me a strange look. I start to explain what happened today. “He sounds like a terrible person. Why on earth do you still talk to him?” I look down at my phone as I text him back telling him where I am. “He has made me addicted to every shitty thing he does. I honestly can’t help it at this point” I start to lay on my back and stare at the sky as I explain.

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