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The Old Man Part 1

There's a building a cross from mine. I never see people go in or out. But people live there. Their is always voice coming from it and police officers in front of it but there's never any lights on. I call it the mystery building. I can sit all day in my room and just look at it and make up stories. This one is called " THE OLD MAN"

One day a light turned on and I seen a old man. He look like he lived alone. I ask my mom she said he did. The next day the light was on and I seen him again. He wasn't a long there was someone there and was writing something on the window " HELP ME" it said I was so scared I ran out of my room to my mom and told her she came and the writing was gone so was the person. When my mom left I look and he was looking right a me. I started to think did he see me. But then he wrote on the window " I SEE YOU". I got so scared. I left my room but I had to help that person they wrote help me. Everyday for a week I look but nothing. 2 weeks nothing, 1month nothing, 6 months later. I saw the old man and the person again it was a little girl. She had to be about 10 years old. I couldn't wait any longer when the old man left I went in to his building 4c. I picked the lock and whispered " Hello, Is anyone here. I'm here to help". After like 20 times of whispering it I hear the little girl " I'm here in the floor by the closet."

I went over and pulled and pulled until the floor came up. She said her name was Anna and she missed her family. As I was helping her up from the floor. We heard the door.

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