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If You Were Me


If You Were Me

If you were me, did you ask these questions to yourself?

Do you ever feel like breaking down?

Do you ever feel like out of place?

Like no one seems to see you exist and always putting the blame on you?

Don’t they know how it felt it be ignored?

Like no one hears you screaming for pity and only your pillow serves as your temporary comfort.

What if they were in my shoes? What if you were me and we switch our bodies? Will you be able to understand what am I dealing with?

I’d say welcome to my damn life. This is who I am who I used to be. And if any of you couldn’t understand that well, I don’t have to waste my time telling you so. It’ll be pointless and somehow with no direction talking will lead to nowhere. There’s no use of telling you how fucked and messed up my life is.

You always have the courage to judge, well what you are doing is not right, you are putting me as a misunderstanding to others.

My life is such a burden for me, and it’s very amazing that I was able to reach this far to life.

I realized something, at the end of the day whenever people treat you so bad, you still have to continue the battle of your journey in life, cause as long as you sleep every night and as long as you wake up every morning, the sun will always find its way to light the road that was once dimmed. You’ll have a guide there’s there. Always finding a way to put your self back on your feet. Stand up and stand straight, stand tall above all.

Just don’t mind them, there will come a time, they will feel what you felt. That’s not now but someday you’ll see they will realize if they were me.

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