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Abandoned Feelings


“Abandoned Feelings”

It’s been a while since I learned to love someone. I can still remember his gaze upon me that makes the sparks fly towards the sky. How many times I tried to wish God, punish me with any kind of pains but this was the worst. The feeling of being left alone in the shadows. The darkness came over to take me. I couldn’t make them stop and it keeps on coming towards me, taunting me. Please send someone to take me away from this place. I hate the darkness it really scares the shit out of my spirit.

I experience so many bad things in life. I was scolded by my father a lot of times, been hurt physically, and then learned to move on. That’s what I am good at. I’m good at pretending I am fine but the truth, needless to say, I am not all right. I am in pain. And no one asks that. How I wish they knew. How I wish they could interpret my actions, but I was wearing a mistaken mask I already put on my face. It hides my real identity. I am trapped inside.

They have known me for being outgoing and easy but I change. They knew that, and he knew that already. I am slowly accepting the possibilities of being drowned in my own blood.

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