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What Pride Can Do


“What Pride Can Do”

Ego, one particular word that we protect, counts as our pride as well. I have a story to tell. This tells about a relationship that speaks through the hearts of a girl. This is one fiction hell of a story. I have known this person for quite such a long time, and something tells me, he changed a bit. Not physically but the way his action shows. I must be honest and I have known him for six years I guess. We have been through a lot of struggles before and this time, this time I didn’t try to give him credit, not even a single call I did. Because of that, he grew anxious and being furious. Taking my side, I was a bit scared the way he acted upon me. But instead of understanding him, I was getting mad all of a sudden. You can’t blame me because I didn’t do anything, yes, to be honest, I did not bother to give a call because he might be busy. We have been through a lot of fights sometimes physically hurting each other. I know what I did was wrong. I was all praising my own pride not knowing I already made someone bleed. Even though, I know someone’s hurt, I still continue to be mad at all time. I don’t know what but there’s something in my mind that tells me I should be mad at him. Our fight wasn’t resolved overnight. That’s why I couldn’t sleep well. My insomniac is attacking me and all of a sudden I knew I realized that I had to give in. I grabbed my phone and typed the words he longed to hear, “I am sorry I did something bad, please accept my apology.” Finally, I learned to put my pride down. It really can destroy a relationship, any relationship in the family or even friends.

He’s still the imperfect guy I have known even though he changed a bit. Maybe that’s the way he is. He wasn’t the perfect guy but he did a lot of things for me and to provide what he can provide. That how he loved me. So, I am asking for those who had a fight with someone, try to understand them maybe they really need you to understand something from them. They are just hiding it from you to not let you know what they have gone through. We can’t say what we see is all true. We have to learn the words how to say sorry in the end.

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