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A Poisoned Tongue


“A Poisoned Tongue”

“Your poisoned words hurt my dignity, now, the time to take it for my sanity.”

I have been hurt, not with love but I lost trust to someone I trusted the most. They are the ones we called “Companions” but somehow they betrayed me. I knew there would come a time they would flee once they get what they wanted from you. It turns out to be true. Never should have trusted someone like them so full of tricks. I put my trust in them, why can’t they return the favor instead? I did not need anything from them. Am I that too innocent to be played like a fool and to participate in their game? The reason lay within us. Our selfishness and greed. Seeking only for the good of ourselves. Buying what we can offer to them.

Words can be deceiving making you believe in everything they want to say to you. But what can I say? I say learn to accept the hurtful words. It makes you stronger. And will please do me a favor? Don’t be weakened by the hurtful words they might bring. They can bully us, as long as they wanted to but they can never stop us from being who we are. They are just jealous, they see themselves in you that’s why you are being played and deceive like a fool. Be who you are, show them what you can be capable of, you can do a lot of great things in the future. You can succeed in life. Don’t lose hope we all need a little positivity in us, let us embrace ourselves for another bright future ahead of us. No matter what others told you, there are still people who really care for you. People with calming pieces of heart you can trust on. Be careful on your journey in life. Don’t let the poisoned words destroy yourself. You’ve got this!

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