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Hatred and Anger


“Hatred and Anger”

I have been crying out so loud. I am sad, loneliness has covered me. Outpouring the rage of anger inside my chest. I need to let it out even for once. I am not concerned about what was happening in my current situation I am bounded. We all have anger issues in ourselves we can’t seem to hide forever. Somehow the evil awakes inside you and you burst into plague because you think that was a good choice but it wasn’t.

Do you want to conceal it from them? They can see that you were just pretending. They don’t understand and they don’t want to interfere, they just can’t. You want to hold on to someone you cannot lean once upon the damage has been done and all you can do is to move on and carry it with your own life’s flow. Just like the water flowing in the river, it passes until it reaches it way into the edge of the ocean.

We are getting mad along with people. They can judge all they want. I know I can never meet their expectations it’s too much I can’t handle it. I am pressured with pieces of stuff and things to play and do. What can I expect in this life? In order to live you need to have stable work. That’s fine.

The moment I saw myself crying, I promised I don’t want to see this face ever again. I will forever hide in malicious anger and would like to disappear into thin air. Like the wind, blowing, you can’t see it but you can only feel it touching your skin. And straight to your mind, you let a big sigh and said, “This anger sets me free but the hatred still lingers in my heart.” I cannot remove it until I can finally find the longing for a feeling of inner peace.

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