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The Missing Piece


“The Missing Piece”

I am thinking all of a sudden. I cannot think of anything else only longing to see the missing piece.

I am wishing this would end. I cannot wish of you to return.

I know you like Her, that’s why you left me it saddens me. I am fading away. I hope everything was fine between us. We always had a fight. I scream out loud and begging you to come with me. You said no, you’re no longer happy with me. That’s why you choose to leave me instead of being with me. You said I am a piece of trash and I have no longer useful to you. I felt betrayed.

I couldn’t move on. What happened between us was just a fight and nothing else more than that I could think of. Seems like yesterday we were so fond of each other’s embrace, seeing the smile painted on your face, makes the pain go away. By thinking all of it, I must say I still loved you no matter what. I still linger for your touch and missing every bit of your skin hat touches mine.

Now I am left all alone in this big lonely house. This is such a burden to carry. I don’t know if can still carry it till now.

I can’t let go of you. My eyes still search for you. You’re the missing piece I still can’t give in.

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