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Just The Way You Are


“ Just The Way You Are ”

I remembered this story a long time. Someone told me I am still the person he knew before. I wasn’t expecting to hear that from a guy who cannot take off his eyes away from. Judging by his looks, I think I know what that look means. I am not showing that I finally notice it. Playing hard to get. I don’t want to give him motives. I will wait for him to come by and tell me what I really want to hear from him.

We meet more than thrice. Beyond that, we still see each other often. We bond for some other time and yet we’re no lovers. My friends expect we’re couples, we’re the sweetest and cutest couples but it’s wasn’t like that. The way he treated me was for a friend he values and respects. No matter what people think of us, we’re not like that. If they think that way, I can’t help assuming that he has special feelings for me. I erased it on my mind and acting normal just like what friends do.

After a few months, I waited for him. This is frustrating for me. There are no messages I received in my phone’s inbox. I don’t know why but I am searching for his messages, longing to hear them again. Longing for his replies that makes me shiver flows in my spine. The butterflies in my belly that tingle me whenever I see him. The sparks flew when we were talking to each other like fools.

When I hear the song “Just The Way You Are”, my mind dictates me these are the exact words that I hear from him years later. Many times I don’t want to hear that song but now, I finally hear it again, I remember what he told me, “I hope you don’t change, just become the way you are. Don’t change”.

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