Brothers Eternal

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Two brothers born as hybrids, their family home in ruins. Find themselves living through humanities most horrifying world changing events, Will their bond keep them together or will it tear them apart?

Drama / Other
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Chapter 1

The scent of the smouldering wood of our destroyed family home still wafting on the chill of the night air. We huddled together, scared and alone in the ever spanning woods that surrounded what was once our home. We lived in peace, we did not harm anyone. What did we do to deserve this?

“Thomas?” The voice of my brother called out to me, “Tom!”

I shook awake, groggy and a mess shaking the leaves out of my hair from my cold nights rest on the forest floor. The morning air was surprisingly warm today and would do well to shake me away from my nightmares of what once was and perhaps bring back memories of what could be.

“Come on, we have to keep moving. We’re almost there” William again shook me from my daze, he always managed to keep focus on what we needed to do, of course what we had to do to survive being hunted for being what we are. Despite our presence in the light we were still creatures that humans spoke as if we were the stuff of nightmares, when it seemed clear we were living beings just like them.

Vampires they called us, or at least that’s what they called our father. But our mother always told us we were different. She wasn’t like our father, she was human and she loved us. So why do they hate us.

The year is 1913 and my brother and I continued our journey towards what Will called our new home. A city filled with life and perhaps new beginnings.

Chapter 1- New Surroundings

As we entered the city I felt a surge of life and energy flow through myself, all the people wandering around, with the new creations called automobiles flying past us like nothing I had ever seen before. We continued down the street towards what home was in place for us as we still had some remaining family on our mothers side of the family.

“Cities, can’t stand the sight of them, so dirty and unrefined” my brother remarked, Will had always disliked the things that seemed too different to him and maybe had grown so found of living back home that he did not wish for life to be any other way. After all life for us is eternal....wasn’t it?

My train of thought was suddenly taken away from me as my brother pulled me towards the house, I do tend to wander when I think. The house appeared to be under some renovation but was not at all in disrepair. My aunt flung open the door and greeted us with a warm smile. Which had brought a sense of relief to my brother and I. Although was she aware of her sisters demise? Was she holding back for us, for our sake?

“Auntie its been a while” my brother embraced my aunt with wide arms his face in a wide smile I knew was feigned for her sake. My Aunts eyes then turned to me and I couldn’t help but let a few tears of happiness fall down my face as I rushed to embrace her. Through my wet eyes I could make out my brother gathering our things and going inside the house.

“How have you been! My little Tommy! Oh I haven’t seen you in ages! I remember when you so were much smaller than this, my my you’ve grown a lot and have clearly lost your dress sense!” My aunt remarked my appearance which I had not tended too since that night.

“ Well your things are upstairs and the showers are on the first door just past you and your brothers room.” I nodded and began into the house. “ Oh, and when can I expect my sister to write me back, its been a while since I’ve sent the letter”

I stopped frozen in the door way fighting back the awful truth that wrestled in my throat to escape. I mustered up whatever strength that was left “ Mother has been very busy lately but I’m sure she is aching to write you back”. I rushed in so as to not let my aunt see through the pathetic ruse that I attempted to weave in front of her.

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