Unfinished Business

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After being homeschooled since sophomore year. Rebecca Altman is back for one last year at Westside High. Becca is the same girl she was two years ago, but minus braces, acne and 40 pounds. Everyone is surprised whnen Rebecca walks though the doors. She is the shinny new toy but Becca doesn’t forget the years of torture and constant bullying from Westside Middle school and Freshman year. Rebecca may look friendly and cheerful but she is there to make sure everyone remembers their senior year.

Drama / Romance
Addison Prieur
4.7 3 reviews
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Chapter 1

Everyone tells you that high school is a big change, new people and challenges. They tell you that high school is a fresh start. None of this was the case for me. Here in Mereview, none of us have fresh starts. There are two high schools, Westside High and Eastside High. Our town is basically split in half and Westside people stay on the Westside and Eastside people stay on the Eastside.

Nobody leaves the small town of Mereview. And if they do, they come back very shortly. This was the case for me and my mom. We left as soon as I finished freshman year. We bought an RV and lived on the road for two years. It was the best years of my life, but in the end we came back, just like everybody else who try’s to escape. I was back just in time for senior year. I was still the same girl on the inside but visually I had changed. I was no longer covered in acne, my braces came off and gave me beautiful teeth, I had lost 30 pounds and I was proud.

Back in grade school I was bullied constantlY, but then I didn’t think anything of it because that was all that I knew. But once my eighth grade teacher pointed out the constant bullying, it started to affect me differently. My mom wanted to move but I said once I get to grade nine things will be better. Boy was I wrong, as soon as the bell rang on the last day of freshman year I was outta there for good, well I thought I was. But here I stand in the Westside High parking lot feeling as though nothing has changed.

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