Unfinished Business

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Chapter 2

I stand in the middle of the school parking lot as it begins to fill up. Students jump out of their cars laughing and walking toward the building. I look up at the big Westside High sign on the front of the school. I want to walk in confident but my feet won’t move. I stand motionless like an idiot as memories come flooding back as if they happened yesterday. I shake my head and walk toward the school. I smile, mostly for show but once I get to the front doors, it begins to feel real.

I start to feel self-conscious when people look at me. Do they know who I am? I make it to my locker easily. It is across from what looks like the popular kids. Jocks and cheerleaders. I am thinking about the group of people from across the hall when I hear a voice.

“You’re new, right?” Startled, I look at the quirky boy with glasses to my left.

“Uh, yes,” I feel my shoulders tense. I haven’t had very much social activity in the past two years so I am kind of an akward person.

“Jeez, relax. I’m new too.” The boy sticks out his hand and I shake it. “ My name is Benjamin Lewis. You can call me Ben”

“Rebecca Altman, you can call me Becca. What do you have first period?” I turn to start walking down the hall. We end up having first period science together so we walk together. We don’t have any other classes together so after class we make plans to meet up after school in the parking lot.

The day goes by very quickly and I talk to a couple other people. Friends shoot looks at each other when I tell them my name. I expected that. I have a plan to use that to my advantage.

After school Ben and I are walking to the parking lot. I offered to give him a ride home but he has his car here.

“So how was your first day?” I ask him.

“It was okay, nothing really exciting. I did here your name a few times.” He looks as if asking me to explain. We stop outside my car.

“I used to be the main target for all the bullies. I moved away two years ago but I am back now.” He doesn’t say anything until we make plans for him to pick me pick in the morning to drive me to school.

As he is walking away he turns around and asks. “ What did they do to you.”

I smile and say, “you don’t want to know.” Then I get in my car and drive off.

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