The Winstons

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This book is about the return of vampires to a land they were banished from but in order to take back their city they needed to eradicate the witches which once almost annilated them. But alot of things have changed in the world... Unknownly One of the true bloods fell in love with the witches first daughter vowing to protect her at all cost While nature made them mortal enemies

Drama / Mystery
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Chapter one

Barbados, the home of all supernatural beings, this is the world of vampires, witches and werewolves. Though vampires and werewolves seem to be extinct after THE HOLY WAR, (Where the strongest of witches came together to fight against vampires)

Rachael Lawrence the leader of a very power coven named the dark ones was responsible for eradicating those ungodly beasts,

its been 3 decades of witches and human living in peace of course with humans not knowing of supernatural existence.

Rachael now married to the mayor of Barbados (An alpha of a crescent werewolf pack) has grown to be very influencial, money, power and authority she had at her disposal, She had 2 daughters Christine and Charlotte.

The mayor hosted a party to celebrate the reduced number of deaths for the past few years, (due to the scarcity of vampires in town) after giving an incredible speech the party got started.

Charlotte the younger of the daughters, with her long braided blonde hair, round face and charming smile was always an attention seeker, it wasn't long until she caught the attention of Austin the son of Quentin Valentine (A very wealthy and noble family in Barbados) she winked at him giving him the go ahead to approach her, walking towards her "Oh my you look breathtaking" he said smiling at her "Thanks, you look very handsome too" she replied while giggling

Austin held her hand while leading her away from the crowd.

They talked for a while before Austin brought up the topic of how annoying and restricting parents could be given how wealthy both families were, Charlotte could relate contributing more to the conversation then Austin suggested "would you like to go somewhere quiet and leave all these behind? somewhere it'll be just you and I" Charlotte concured

Soon they were in the basement, the place was quiet as a grave yard they talked for while and laughed as they could hear their voice echoing, for a moment there was an awkward silence Austin leaned forward slowly and planted a kiss on her lips and looked her straight into the eye and she pulled him closer this time as they started making out after awhile the basement light went off and Austin went down to fix it before he left he made Charlotte promise him not to move.

It's been 20 minutes, Austin was not back, Charlotte was beginning to get bored and she heard some noise in the basement trying to find out what was happening as she wanted to open the basement door she tripped and fell, she was bleeding a little she got up and went downstairs only to find Austin laying on the floor bleeding profusely with an awkward bite mark on his neck, he seemed half dead.

She ran out crying out for help the security asked her what the problem was, panting heavily and sobbing at the same time she explained what just happened the security went to the basement and carried him not long until the ambulance came and he was been rushed to the hospital

Rachael seeing the bite mark knew what was coming the vampires are back

Three days later, there are reports over 5 bodies with the same bite mark and drainage of blood.

Though the official report said it was an animal attack, which was the story all over the news, "its definitely a vampire" Rachael exclaimed Michelle replied (Rachael's best friend)

"But vampires are extinct we killed every last one of them" Rachael added "The true bloods (born vampire) are immortals so I cast a sleeping spell on them" "how many are they?" Michelle asked, "I know of two but..." Rachael answered (Just then she realized her daughter was in the basement where one of the true bloods was buried)

"we need to go to the coven and do a locator spell to find that vampire before he release the others, Rachael ordered Michelle reluctantly followed her.

Barbados Elites where all the rich kids school, today the have a new student who just moved in, Arthur Winston, he was tall, well muscled had a killer smile and great physique. He was accompanied by the principal to class so he can introduce himself, in a soft mild voice he said "I'm Arthur Winston" Hello Arthur the class replied "Arthur here just moved in from spain with he's dad" the principal added just then the history teacher walked in he had to go grab a sit.

Theresa (leader of the cheerleaders) who was every guys dream and the hottest chick in school tried making him sit next to her by reserving a seat for him but he just walked past her which made the whole class gasp in surprise and he sat next to Christine (who was a loner in school)

"Hello Senorita" he said to her with a smile at this point Christine was short of words He-h-ello she said stammering

During the class Arthur caught her staring at him, he smiled and wrote on a piece of paper "why don't you give me your number then we would stare more at each other during the video call"

"Sorry, not so fast" he smiled even more than the first time, she couldnt believe that the cutest guy in school actually has a thing for her, others saw her as a weirdo

She was lost in his eyes just then the history teacher asked a question and noticed Christine wasn't paying attention he said "Miss Lawrence would you like to help us with the answer?"

"Uhm what was the question again?" She asked, How many casualties were there in the fire of creelwall? "Uhm eh I t-th-think" she stammered, 12,528 a voice from behind answered, "that's correct mister?" The teacher enquired "Arthur, Arthur Winston" he replied,

"Wow seems the newcomer has some fire in him" the teacher added, Christine sat down and gazed at him again Arthur glanced at her with one of his smiles and they both laughed

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