White walls

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October's mind never stops running. Words, pictures, shapes, numbers. In a never-ending stream of colors and patterns. The once white walls of every house she's stayed in are covered in the remnants of her sanity, as each line, dot, squiggle, and dash rips a peace of her apart. But she can't stop, she's broken. So today October is moving away again. The first day of the new year, one of many in her repeating cycle of searching for the one place, the few people, that can put her back together.

Drama / Other
Brin Aquino
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Chapter 1

Im leaving tomorrow. I've packed my things and taken some of them to the new house already. All that's left now is to let the fresh, sterile, white, paint dry. Covering everything on my walls is always painful, but it's been a year and now it's time for me to go. I'm going to the country. Not so many things there to set my brain off. This time it was downtown. Before there was some suburb in a "nice" town. The people there were anything but nice. They smiled with venom spewing from their fangs, sent food with metaphorical poison in it. I've lived in the "hood" with drug dealers as neighbors. There was a trailer in some long forgotten park, a cabin in the woods, a beach house, a group home. The first year I stayed with an old lady in exchange for help around her garden and some chores. Now before my brain decides it spill out onto the walls and delay my departure, I only have one thing left to do. I close my eyes and finally find some silence in the form of sleep. Tomorrow I leave this empty shell behind.

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