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Love Myself

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Trinity's worried of her mother, her family, and possibly life. When surprising things open into the family it feels as though Trinity can't help, but turn her back. The one thing no one taugh her was to love the inner side of her, and no matter what. She needed to love herself.

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Chapter one

"That's not fair!" I yelled. My dad had picked up his bags, and threw them in the corner of the livingroom. "It is what it is, your mother has to work there, or we'll be on the streets." My dad replied, gripping my shoulders gently. Tears started streaming down my cheeks, I let go of my dad, stomping upstairs. I could see my dad sighing in disappointment. He never wanted to see me like this, but, my mom can't be tortured at that job. It's too dangerous. I walked over to my room, slamming the door, where everyone can hear how angry I was. You could here sobbing without even opening the door, I yanked my mother's pictures, throwing it around the room. "Trinity, what the hell are you doing up there?" My dad shouted, as he went upstairs. I gasped, putting all the pictures back where they were, and locking the door. "Go away." I stuttered, putting my back against the wooden door. My dad, had went away, which was peculiar. He would usually just open the door, and calm us down. Or me. But, he didn't, I had a feeling that dad didn't feel so good. I slowly unlocked the door heading to the livingroom, where daddy was at. "Dad." I called out, trying to get his attention. "Daddy, are you okay?" I said quietly. I had sat with my dad on the sofa, he was watching TV. He wasn't sad at all. "Sorry for bothering you." I nervously laughed, but my dad grabbed my wrist tightly, he sat me down, I hugged him while watching the news. "It's fine, but that's just life Trinity."

Me and my friend walked down the concrete, talking our heads off. "Did you see Johnny? Ooo, he be lookin' fine!" My friend, Diane had said. She was always flirting with some kind of "hot" boy. She was that type to steal your boyfriend, and pretend that she had him first, making you break up with him. Which didn't work, at all. "Ain't we supposed to be talking about homework?" I said, and looked straight forward. My friends had stared at me weirdly, like I was some nerd. "What?" Diane yelled, and stopped me in my tracks. "We blacks don't even get the education we need, so why bother? We can't just create that we're just kids." Diane shouted, and slapped my face hard. I patted my cheek, as I felt pain. We're just kids. That line was memorable than my poems I shared to my kindergarten class! I just started to walk, and Diane walked right behind me. She was a follower. She never really believed in education like that, I did. My neighborhood, is a mess, no one really travels here. Only people who need some place to stay. Which is me and my family. We rushed to the near by McDonald's, and ate there. "You be missing out girl, those boys be looking at you." Diane yelled, and slammed her hand on the table. I jumped, and looked around to make sure no one saw that, but they did. I ate the burger, and it taste pretty good. Usually, it taste soggy, but it didn't today. "Let's just do the homework, and then we could talk about boys." I whispered, and chomped another piece of my burger. Diane nodded, but she still talked her head off, while I was doing my assignment. She snatched my homework, and looked deeply into my eyes. "Are you listening?" Diane said. I nodded, trying to get my homework back. Diane slowly started ripping the assignment, with a smirk on her face. "Okay, fine I will listen to you." I sighed, and snatched the homework, stuffing it in my bag. "Now." Diane began, and took a huge bite out her burger, then heading to her fries. She started talking, while I daydreamed.
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