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This Story is about a young 17 year old boy that suffers from bipolar depression who lost his family in a tragic event which he had to watch his own family get murdered, The family was very wealthy for his dad owned a car wash business but what the young boy didn't know he was one of the most known narcotics dealer in the city so he wasn't jus doing car washes when customers drove in. Another drug Lord was jealous of the amount they were making and wanted part of it but the father new if he did it would put his family in danger so he decline but they came to the house with a surprise as bloody as the scenes was the young boy escaped but was haunted by a memory forever with nowhere too go another family finds him in the streets and takes him in but nothing can stop him when his mind can't stop thinking and he trys to commit something you cannot undo The day the boy got away there's been a price on his head so hes always on the go he can never be in peace action/adventure/Drama

Drama / Thriller
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Chapter 1 (ALONE)

Aaaaah, The windows breaks,

Everyone get too the basement I got this

The whole family runs downstairs without the father

POW POW Gunshots were fired as they run to the basement

(Robber) we got em,,.

(Robber) Clear

Ughaaaahaa the mother cry's he's gone aaaaah,

The robber grabs her (FOUND THEM)

(Mother) why are you doing this


The mother drops too the floor with tears rolling down her eyes as she takes her last look at her son (run) she said softly

Mike sees a gun on the floor and trys to shoot them but missed but it gave him enough time to run up the stars out the basement. As he walks out the door he seen his dad on the floor covered in his own puddle of blood, tears roll down his eyes as he tightens up his fist before he open the door and runs.

Help, Help ,help

Someone please fucking help me, Mike screams but noone was awake. Mike kept running and running till he couldn't run anymore and ended up falling down hard on his face near a canoe crying

Why,. I... Noo, WHY ME. mike ends up falling asleep by the canoe after everything that happend but his dreams turned too nightmares,

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