Blocked Out

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Emily Summers has a great life that anyone would dream to have, but all of a sudden she is struck by a car. She goes into a coma and all of the strange feelings that comes with it. She forgets all about her fairytale perfect life and those important to her are now distant. She slowly recovers her memory and learns to take nothing for granted.

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Chapter 1

A light shines through my sheer curtains as I wake up. I stretch and yawn. The smell of pancakes fill the air. I walk out into the living room. My mom made pancakes again.

“Well you’re up awfully late,” mom says.

“Yeah yeah, I know- Can I have my pancakes now.” I said.

“Be patient, they’re not done yet.” She says.

Does she want me to starve? I have to get to school in like 10 minutes?! Oh shoot- I have to get ready. I rush in the bathroom. I brush my teeth and quickly throw on a my new crop top and patterned skirt. My hair is a mess! I try to decently brush it and curl it. 5 minutes! I slap on some concealer and lipstick.

I run out of the bathroom for the door and mom bumped into me. Syrup splatters ALL OVER my new shirt.

“Seriously?!” I yell.

“Emily, please be more careful. If I would have dropped this glass plate then things would have been worse.” She says.

“You ruined it!” I tell her.

“Actually, YOU bumped into HER.” My sister buts in.

“Yeah Em, don’t get all mad.” Dad says.

“Why are you guys never on MY side?!” I yell.

Ugh! How frustrating. Forget the pancakes, I got changed and was out the door. My boyfriend was waiting in front of the school. I sighed and flopped into his arms.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing.....Do I look okay?” I sighed.

“You look beautiful,

“Be honest.”

“I am, you look beautiful and I love you.”

“Stop lying!”

“I’m being honest,”

“Stop trying to make me feel better, just tell me!”

“You look fine.”

“Fine? Fine?!”

“Fine? That’s it! You hate me don’t you!”

“No, babe wait!”

Fine....that’s all he thinks of me? Whatever. Class is starting soon.

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