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Blocked Out

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Chapter 2

After school I walked to the Cream Cafe with my friends. We stayed there talking for hours.

“Can you believe she did that?” Brittany laughed.

“No way gurl, I mean, who does that?!” Cammy said.

“Jennifer apparently.” Said Alisa.

I sipped my raspberry pink drink. “Hah that’s hysterical.” I said sarcastically. Their conversation was boring me.

“Emily, I think you should go home soon.” Cammy told me.

“What are you getting at exactly?” I say. Is she trying to get rid of me?

“You’re parents are probably worried.” Cammy said.

“Psh, it’s fine.” I say, no one cares.

“You were supposed to be home 10 minutes ago.” Alisa says.

“Stop trying to get rid of me.” I tell her.

“We’re not trying to get rid of you, we just don’t want you to get in trouble.”

“Yeah,” Cammy adds.

“Fine. You want me to leave? I’ll leave!” I tell them. “You guys just hate me don’t you.” I pull out my chair and leave.

I wait in front of the shop.

“Hey Emily, do you want me to drive you home?” Brittany says coming out of the cafe. She was my ride.

“Just leave me alone.” I tell her. She tells me to leave and then just asks me if I want to sit in her dirty car with her?

I dial Edward’s number.

“Hey Eddie, can you come pick me up. I’m at Cream Cafe.”

“Hey babe, so sudden?”

“Just come pick me up.”

“I’m a little busy, can’t you just carpool with your friends.”

“Babe! Do you not care about me?! I need your help!”

“Sorry.....I’ll be there soon....”

A few minutes later he pulls up to the sidewalk and I hop in.

I sit in the backseat of his black Chevrolet. Fiddling with the seatbelt.

“What’s wrong?” He says


“Tell me, you’re upset, I know it.”

“My friends don’t like me”

“Says who?”

“They wanted me to leave.”

“Babe, I’m sure it was nothing.”


We arrived at my house. I waved goodbye and walked inside. My sister was in the hallway on the phone. She looked shocked as I walked in.

“Nevermind, she’s home.” She said to the caller.

“What are you looking at,”

“Where have you been- You had me worried!”

“None of your business.” I say. Does she always have to know where I am? Pfft, pathetic. “Stop overreacting.” I went in my room and shut the door. Ugh....what a long day.

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